Receive Gift Certificates Perfect Venue in Spain – invite your friends!

When a friend invited by you orders a site through our service, you both get a Gift Certificate – Perfect Venue in Spain gives you and your friend $ 10 with every $ 1000 paid reservation!


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Frequently asked Questions

I do not know of anyone who intends to arrange an event in Spain in the near future. Can I send a promo code to someone?

Yes. There are more such people than one can expect, and many of them are not business event professionals or wedding specialists. For example, a promotional code can be useful to your friend, who organizes a wedding for his sister. Send the code to your friends and colleagues, and you will be very surprised how many people will earn you Gift Certificates!

Can I invite more people?

Yes, the more, the better! Gift Certificates Perfect Venue in Spain do not have a limit amount and do not limit you to anything! So if you share a promo code with 100 friends, and each of them will book a site, you can earn an amount comparable to the price of a good plasma TV.

Can I invite colleagues?

Yes! Even if you do not work in the event business. Just make sure that your colleague left a request on his behalf.

When can I get my money?

You will earn a Gift Certificate at the time your friend places an order. Once Perfect Venue receives confirmation of the reservation from the site, we send a Gift Certificate.

What’s the catch? How does Perfect Venue make money?

No trick. The sites pay us a small commission for the service and provide equal (or more profitable!) Prices for our customers. This means that we work independently and can offer Gift Certificates to you and your friends already at the first booking.

How much will you earn

What would be the estimated budget for your friend’s event?

Meeting budget:

You could both earn £250