Unique ideas for a proposal in France worthy of a romantic movie

"Picture a Parisian marriage proposal beyond the Eiffel Tower's shadow. Seine River, luxury hotels - your dream proposal awaits!"

You’re ready to get down on one knee and have everything planned for the perfect marriage proposal in the most stunning city worldwide – Paris! Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that nerves can skyrocket when planning a proposal in the city of love, where everything is new and unfamiliar.

For a truly unforgettable marriage proposal, maintaining authenticity and showcasing what’s unique in your relationship with your partner is important. Furthermore, it involves investing effort and creativity into crafting a day that is not only enjoyable and relaxing but also filled with countless shared experiences.

This guide is based on our unparalleled expertise in marriage proposals and all the experience we’ve gathered through the years. Our role is to spark inspiration within you, offer guidance on what holds genuine significance, and support you through this transformative day with your beloved, all while ensuring a stress-free experience.

Marriage Proposal in France / Photo via Anne-Sophie Boubals y Adagion Studio
Marriage Proposal in France / Photo via Anne-Sophie Boubals y Adagion Studio

Best Spots in Paris for a Proposal

Marriage Proposal for a Public Eiffel Tower

If you’re considering popping the question at one of the two restaurants or atop the Eiffel Tower, we’ll be the first to tell you no. Around you would be a horde of interested onlookers. Not to mention, it doesn’t exactly seem romantic to be engaged atop a wrought-iron tower. Hey, the whole point of the plan for the Eiffel Tower is to have the 324-meter-tall Iron Lady in your photos, isn’t that right? Instead, think about where your spouse could feel most at ease.

These four public Eiffel Tower sites are well-tried and proven

An hour-long proposal:
  • Sixty minutes or more of photographic coverage.
  • 15 Timeless Edits.
  • 1 Principal proposal site.
  • Take amusing engagement pictures and record the momentous occasion and priceless emotions.

*Evening proposals that end after dusk call for our professional lighting package (an additional Euro 225) or a lighting associate (an additional Euro 100 per hour, if applicable).

Proposal + Photo Shoot: 
  • Two hours of proposal photographic coverage, which can include an enjoyable pre- or post-proposal picture session.
  • 35 Vintage Edits.
  • Two main photo locations (suggested).

*For evening proposals that last past dusk, we require our professional light package (add Euro 225) or a lighting associate (add Euro 100/hour). The fee does not include setup.

The Most Lavish Proposal Letter for Marriage in Paris, Without a Doubt

The Seine is a river for those romantic hearts, greatly known for its depictions and references in popular French poems and ballads.

Picture this: You and your loved one embark on a romantic evening stroll along the Left Bank, hand in hand. Suddenly, you come across a red carpet leading to colossal letters that spell out “MARRY ME.”

Illuminated solely by flickering candlelight, the atmosphere is perfect, with the majestic Eiffel Tower as your backdrop, drawing you both into a deep, poetic gaze.

As you embrace, a passionate kiss sets the stage for that long-awaited moment when you kneel and speak those four cherished words…

And, once you receive that sought-after ‘yes,’ you can indulge in a romantic open-air picnic, complete with bubbly champagne, taking your celebration of love to new heights, all while enjoying an unforgettable view of the Eiffel Tower.

Additionally, our Giant “MARRY ME” Letters offer flexibility in color choices, including white, red, or pink. Their lightweight design allows you to place them wherever you desire in Paris, from parks to commercial rooftops, terraces, and balconies.

  • You may set up our Marry Me Letters marriage proposal design and decor anywhere in Paris, including on business rooftops, terraces, and balconies. It is available in red, white, or pink.
  • Paris Proposal Letters Marry Me Peninsula of the Secret Table, complete with a personalized Champagne table, a gorgeous red carpet, and romantic accent candles.
  • Romantic same-sex proposal on a private terrace of the Peninsula Paris with sparkling white Marry Me letters, giant white balloons, and flickering candles.
  • Marry Me letters Paris proposal private rooftop Shangri-La Hotel.
    BEGINS AT €1300

Our ‘Marry Me; Letter  Proposal Package Setup: 

  • Delivery, arrangement, and cleanup of premium “Marry Me” letters (perhaps in pink, white, or red) throughout Paris;
  • A luxurious red or white carpet;
  • Accent lanterns and 24 candles;
  • Highlight rose petals from one hundred or more roses;
  • GPS live position mapping on the day using WhatsApp.

If choosing to find Marry Me Letters by a Parisian vendor, make sure to check for the quality of the red carpet, the number of roses, and their overall attention to detail. When planning for a proposal, all details matter; the placement of candles, rose petals, and the space available to ensure you can drop to one knee. To get a better idea of the Marry Me package, have a look below to compare our work to the one adjacent to it, which was not produced by us.

The differences are very evident between both Marry Me Letter proposal set-ups. Pay close attention to the carpet’s quality, the number of candles and roses, and how it all may affect the end product.

*We recommend a Marry Me Letter Upgrade.

Marriage Proposal in France / Photo via Audrey Paris
Marriage Proposal in France / Photo via Audrey Paris

Proposal at a Private Rooftop in Paris

There is no evidence that a private rooftop marriage proposal beats a public alternative. But, there are significant advantages to a private setting:

  • Maximum control of who can access the space.
  • More efficient control of lighting, decor, and music or other unwanted sounds.
  • A more flexible schedule provides a smooth and stress-free experience.

How about the Shangri La Paris Hotel?

Since you’ve chosen to read this article, we can, therefore, say that you are truly looking for a beautiful location to propose in Paris.

Well, you found it! This enchanting location that screams romance is the perfect place to get on one knee before your soul mate.

When looking for a private Parisian marriage proposal with the all-romantic-enticing Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, it’s nearly impossible not to mention the Shangri La Paris. This hotel is on all levels of luxury, elegance, and grace, giving its guests a magical and unique experience. This proposal spot provides the lovebirds with a secluded spot in the heart of Paris, all while overlooking the magnificent iron structure as it flickers.

Shangri La  Proposal Package with Master Violinist

What could be more romantic than serenading your sweetheart with their favourite song played by a master violist atop the Shangri-La?

The Advantages of Proposing at the Shangri-La, Paris

  • The privacy found at the Shangri-La is unmatched. You will not have to worry about bystanders, distractions, interruptions, or worse, a photobomb. It would just be the two of you, present in the moment with each other and no one else.
  • The most sought-after Eiffel Tower view, perfect for a marriage proposal backdrop…definitely Instagram-worthy.
  • A fully customizable and personalized set-up.
  • Availability to book a surprise fine dining experience with a butler for only the two of you, so why not make your first new engagement unforgettable as you savour your food and each other while enjoying the view of the city of love and its Iron Lady?
  • Expect priceless timing and logistics flexibility that an exclusive Shangri-La Hotel hotel suite affords.
  • Bonus: if hiring us to be your proposal planners, expect a stress-free and fully attentive experience.
  • Located in the heart of Paris, this luxuriously exclusive
  • Palace Hotel offers the city’s best Eiffel Tower views. It is almost surreal how perfect the Shangri-La’s private terraces are, given their perfect location and fully secluded atmosphere.
  • Expect nothing but excellence upon entering the Shangri-La.

But how much would a luxurious proposal at the Shangri-La Paris cost?

It’s a difficult one since the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. You should budget for the fact that you are picking one of the most prominent places for a Paris proposal.

With that being said, we would argue that the value of what is offered at the Shangri-La Paris is priceless – especially if you’d compare it to other places such as, let’s say, London.

All the costs for a marriage proposal at the Shangri-La Paris are estimated and could change depending on the season, hotel availability, and vendor choices.

Notice also that the two Paris proposal packages listed below are based on the assumption that you would reserve a room or suite at the Shangri-La Hotel, which will act as the venue for your engagement.

Shangri-La Paris / Photo via Pinterest
Shangri-La Paris / Photo via Pinterest

With that being set, let’s have a look at our top two Shangri-La marriage proposal packages:

Basic Paris Proposal Package

This package is for those who are looking for:

  • A private Parisian proposal while having the Eiffel Tower as a view.
  • A stress-free and top-notch quality proposal that comes with hiring an experienced and well-connected Wedding and proposal planner.
  • Enchanting decor such as rose petals and candles, all for the perfect setting.
  • Professional photos and videos candidly capture the proposal, along with the reactions.
  • Priceless scheduling and planning freedom provided by a concept for a private patio at Shangri-La Hotel.
Platinum Paris Proposal Package

This package is for those who want nothing but the best quality, the highest level of care, in-person coordination, and white-glove service:

  • Complete planning, including “day-of” onsite manufacturing and coordination; stunning design and décor that is sure to wow your spouse.
  • Delectable private lunch with renowned views of the Eiffel Tower; personal butler; expert picture and video documentation of your proposal in Paris.
  • A wonderful couple’s picture and video session in the City of Love (optionally the same day or the next day).
  • Conveyance with a chic personal driver in a luxurious antique vehicle (or a contemporary Bentley or Rolls Royce).
  • A guitarist, saxophonist, cellist, harpist, or violinist to perform your sweetie’s favourite songs.
  • As a newly engaged couple, celebrate in elegance with Dom Pérignon while you share a kiss and dance the night away.

Paris’s “Secret Table Peninsula”: Incredible Private Rooftop Ideas

Why Marry on the Paris Peninsula of the Secret Table?

The Peninsula Hotel, ideally situated in the centre of Paris, is renowned for its exceptional service and luxury. The establishment is well-known for its fabled rooftop, the Secret Table, even though it has many lovely locations for marriage proposals. Anticipate breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower and, most importantly, pleasant seclusion.

In the city of lights, there is no other private spot that offers such a priceless value. In comparison to the Shangri-La Paris, you do not need to book (although, highly recommended) a suite to propose at the Secret Table. You have full control over whether you want to have a rooftop experience with or without dinner, be it in the evening or during the day; the Eiffel Tower is magnificent at any time of day.

Keep in mind that from around May through September, you have the opportunity to add a dining experience for two at the Secret Table. How many couples do you know of that have dined at this spectacular 2-star Michelin restaurant at their first newly-engaged dinner along with a private butler?

Advantages of Making a Proposal at the Peninsula Paris Secret Table

  • The Peninsula Hotel Paris values both your privacy and visitation. This entails the absence of intruders, disruptions, and other hindrances. Just the two of you commemorating a remarkable day in your life.
  • Get breathtaking views of the Eiffel Tower to accompany your Paris proposal; Customize the engagement setting to your partner’s preferences; Astound your significant other with a memorable private dining experience that includes an attentive personal butler; and
  • Accessible and consolingly flexible schedule.
  • Hiring a seasoned and reputable Paris proposal planner is strongly advised. You’ll have a stress-free experience and save a ton of time.

However, what would be the price for a proposal at the Secret Table Peninsula Paris?

Determining the cost is challenging, given that the possibilities are as numerous as your imagination can conjure. You should budget for the fact that you are picking one of the most prominent places for a Paris marriage proposal.

Nevertheless, the Peninsula offers exceptional value for its price, particularly when compared to other private business and residential locations. 

The prices shown for a surprise proposal at the Peninsula Hotel’s Secret Table are approximations and could vary based on the time of year, the vendors you choose, your preferences, and availability.

Marriage proposal in France / Photo via Pinterest
Marriage proposal in France / Photo via Pinterest

Feel free to explore our top two Peninsula Paris proposal packages listed below without any delay.

Basic Paris Proposal Package

This package is for those who are looking for:

  • A private Paris proposal with mind-blowing Eiffel Tower views.
  • Precious peace of mind comes from working with the most experienced and well-connected Paris proposal planner in town.
  • Lovely rose petals and candles create an unforgettable romantic ambience.
  • Professional photo & video (or video reel) documentation of your marriage proposal, followed by precious reactions and spectacular couple photos.
  • Priceless timing and planning flexibility that an exclusive palace-level hotel affords.
Platinum Paris Proposal Package

This package is for those who want nothing but the best quality, the highest level of care, in-person coordination, and white-glove service:

  • Full-service planning with “day-of” onsite coordination and production; exquisite design & décor sure to enchant your partner.
  • Delicious private dining with unobstructed Eiffel Tower views; a private butler; expert picture & video documentation of your Parisian engagement.
  • A memorable couple photo & video shoot around the City of Light (optionally the same day or the next day).
  • Transport in a luxurious vintage car (or modern Bentley/Rolls Royce) with an English-speaking driver; a world-class master musician: you choose among a violinist, saxophonist, cellist, harpist, or guitarist to play your partner’s favourite song.
  • Toast in style with Dom Pérignon or Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades as you dance the night away.

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