Wedding venues in France: walk down the aisle in these amazing venues in the country of love.

In this article you will find the best wedding venues in France, from huge cathedrals to romantic fairytale gardens, places that will leave you mesmerized!

When we think of wedding venues in France, we imagine a country where luxury, fashion and love triumph on their own, but the country also boasts a rich history and culture and a diversity of landscapes, from the snow-capped Alps to the sunny beaches of the Côte d’Azur. 

In addition, its delicious gastronomy offers a point of admiration to this country, being many couples who offer on their big day a typical banquet of the country, where cheeses are the protagonists.

If you are passionate about fashion, starlit cities or simply want a unique wedding full of luxury, stay and read this guide where we will show you the best venues!

Wedding venues in France: Paris

The capital, the well-known city of love, is a magnificent place to celebrate a wedding, whether it is traditional or if you want to surprise your guests with something out of the ordinary, it is a perfect setting for a wedding. Its impressive architecture and elegant atmosphere will make your wedding unforgettable.

Boda en París / Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz
Wedding  in Paris / Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz


Located in the north of Paris, it is known for its impressive Renaissance castle, surrounded by huge gardens and forests. It has a museum, the Condé Museum, which has a large collection of art. It has everything to be one of the best wedding venues in France, as you can celebrate your wedding in the castle, full of luxury, elegance and sophistication, in the racecourse if you are passionate about horses, or in the gardens themselves if you prefer an outdoor wedding.  Chantilly offers a fairytale setting, perfect for your special day.


An exclusive place where celebrities, businessmen and well-to-do families reside. Its tree-lined streets, impressive mansions and high-end boutiques create that sophisticated setting for those who desire luxury at their wedding. We have perfect settings such as the Albert Kahn Garden if your wish has a touch of nature, the Hotel Plaza Athénée, with a luxurious ambiance and the Pavillon Ledoyen if you want to surprise with an exceptional gastronomic experience. It also combines this elegance with charm and a romantic atmosphere, perfect for deciding that this is where you want to get married!

Wedding venues in France: Provence

Provence is a region in the south of France known for its picturesque landscapes, charming villages and rich culture. Lavender fields characterize this place, blooming in summer and tinting the landscape in a vibrant purple color. It also boasts its famous vineyards that can give that exclusive touch to your wedding.


It is a village perched on top of the hill, with limestone houses and breathtaking views of the Luberon valley. If you are really into art, this is one of the perfect wedding venues in France, as Gordes is famous for its art boutiques and galleries. But it also offers an intimate atmosphere, with its Provençal charm, where the views will be in charge of adding unique pictures.


It perfectly combines glamour, exclusivity, natural beauty and romantic atmosphere. It is famous for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters, so if your plan is a beach wedding, this would be an ideal place. It also has a marina full of luxury yachts, so imagine your wedding crossing the sea on a luxury yacht!

Saint-Tropez, Francia / Photo via Pinterest
Saint-Tropez, France / Photo via Pinterest

Wedding venues in France: Alsace

A region in northeastern France with a rich culture and charming architecture. It will captivate you with its diverse landscapes, from the rolling hills of vineyards and lush forests of the Vosges to the picturesque medieval towns and quiet canals.


The capital of Alsace will make you fall in love with its colorful houses and cobblestone streets. It is an ideal place for a more intimate wedding, in Petit France, a neighborhood with canals and wooden houses. But if you want a striking ceremony, its imposing Gothic cathedral is a phenomenal plan. Strasbourg’s medieval charm makes it one of the most romantic wedding venues in France.


Known as the “Little Venice” of France, it’s a picturesque town with canals, half-timbered houses and flowers everywhere. It is a perfect setting for any time of the year, as if you fancy a warmer climate you will count on a colorful and lively wedding, or if you prefer in colder seasons, Colmar is very famous for the Christmas season, when everything is filled with lights, music and festive scents. How about the arrival of the bride and groom on a boat along the canals or a wedding in the vineyards, where wine is the star?

Wedding venues in France: The French Riviera

Also known as the Côte d’Azur, it is a region in the southeast of France. Famous for its stunning blue landscapes, vibrant cities and charming villages, such as Vallauris, known for its pottery. Thinking of the white of the wedding dress, or an Ibiza wedding, the cities of the Riviera are ideal.


It is the fifth largest city in France and capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department.  It offers a dream setting for a wedding. With its warm climate, its pebble beaches, its old town and its lively atmosphere, Nice has everything you need to create an unforgettable wedding! Your wedding could perfectly be in a hotel overlooking the sea or in the romantic gardens hidden in the old town, it all depends on your wishes and tastes.


A city well known for its annual film festival and its beaches. It has La Croisette, a famous promenade along the bay of Cannes. It is a place where you can count on a wide variety of luxury hotels and gourmet restaurants.  If you plan to have your wedding in May, why not make it a movie-themed wedding, honoring the festival celebrated in this month, an original idea where your guests will be left with their mouths open!

Cannes, Francia / Photo via Pinterest
Cannes, France / Photo via Pinterest

Wedding venues in France: Toulouse

Toulouse, the Pink City, is known for its medieval architecture, such as the Capitole, an impressive building in baroque style. It houses a museum and a theater where the most artistic bride and groom will find their ideal setting.

Jardins des Plantes

This 18th century botanical garden offers a green and peaceful setting for an outdoor ceremony.  It has different spaces that can be adapted to different types of weddings. Located in the center of Toulouse, it offers beautiful flora and fauna and can even incorporate natural elements for decoration such as wild flowers. Without a doubt, a wedding in the Jardin Royal overlooking the grandiose lake is one of the most special wedding venues in France.

Jacobins Convent

This former 18th century convent now houses a museum and offers a unique space for the more historian or art-loving bride and groom. With stunning Gothic architecture, its elegant atmosphere makes it an ideal choice for couples looking for wedding venues in France full of charm and character.

Wedding venues in France: Orleans

It is a charming city with a lot to offer to its visitors. With music everywhere and fireworks, Orleans is a unique destination for a wedding with personality. Popular for its rich historical architecture, it is also home to several museums, perfect backdrops for photo shoots of your special day.


A historic town that will transport you to another era with its medieval walls and cobblestone streets. It has unique places to celebrate your wedding, such as the majestic Chateau de Beaugency, the impressive Hotel de ville and the picturesque Jardin des Remparts for an outdoor ceremony. In addition to a natural setting, the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Beaugency would be perfect for a religious ceremony.


Briare offers a charming setting for a memorable wedding. Its rich river heritage with the Briare Canal, runs through the city and creates a romantic and picturesque atmosphere, and you can celebrate your wedding next to it, enjoying the views of the boats and the surrounding nature. Of the wedding venues in France that we know, this is certainly one of the most original!

Wedding venues in France: Nantes

Nantes is a modern and vibrant city with a rich culture and heritage. Known for its Machones de lÍlle, a series of giant mechanical sculptures standing on an island in the Loire River, it is brimming with interest and future memories.

Nantes, Francia / Photo via Pinterest
Nantes, France / Photo via Pinterest


A former fishing village located on the north bank of the Loire River, can you imagine living in a fairy tale where you are the protagonist? Trentemoult offers that possibility. Being small and picturesque, your wedding would be full of magic and color, with a privileged setting with the Loire river at its feet. A personalized and close wedding is what this type of wedding venues in France is all about.

Parc de Procé

It is an extensive urban park located in the heart of Nantes. Its natural environment with green areas gives the possibility to have a wedding with an informal and romantic atmosphere. We can offer different areas that can be adapted to the needs of your wedding, from an intimate ceremony in a clearing in the forest to a large reception in a meadow, a ceremony by the lake, where the love you both feel is reflected in the water!

Wedding venues in France: Marseille

The vibrant city in the south of France offers an incomparable setting for a unique and unforgettable wedding. Its natural beauty makes it an ideal destination for couples looking for a Mediterranean experience, surrounded by sea, mountains and coves, where photos and decorations will be a carefree affair.

Les Calanques

They are a set of impressive coves, cliffs and crystal clear waters that offer an exclusive setting. You can celebrate your wedding ceremony in one of the hidden coves, in a viewpoint with panoramic views or even on a boat sailing through its turquoise waters. In addition, they have terraces, a botanical garden or even a sea cave to enjoy an original reception. This place could not be missing in our guide to wedding venues in France!

Gardens of the Chateau Borely

This oasis of beauty in the heart of Marseille offers a perfect setting for weddings. With its wide variety of landscaping styles, you can choose from a formal French garden to a more informal English garden, as well as a botanical garden and a rose garden. Its wide green spaces, lush trees and colorful flowers create a romantic movie-like setting.

Wedding venues in France: The best author of your fairy tale.

After doing some research on these locations and deciding which is the best setting for you, the only thing left to do is to give shape to that long-awaited day. At Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz we will be happy to make your dreams come true, as well as help you with any questions and advise you to enjoy the whole process.

Natalia Ortiz / Foto via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz
Natalia Ortiz / Foto via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

In any case, there are other wonderful places where to have your wedding, such as these wedding venues in Portugal

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These venues are beautiful and, together with you, it will be a very special day that you will never forget!

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