Multicultural wedding: Original ideas to celebrate a wedding with different traditions.

In this article we present you the best ideas and tips to celebrate a multicultural wedding with your partner, take note!

A multicultural wedding is a unique occasion to celebrate love twice over, yes: uniting two cultures in one, sharing the richness that each culture brings and creating a day full of meaning for both the couple and the guests.

And the fact is that, nowadays, many couples who get married want a multicultural wedding, since many are of different nationalities, and why give up the customs and traditions of each culture if you can have the best of both?

Yes, in a multicultural wedding all guests will feel at home, besides being a fun, special and original idea.

Therefore, in this article we tell you some inspiring ideas to make your multicultural wedding a true reflection of yourselves.

Grab a pen and paper because… let’s get started!

Multicultural wedding invitations

Multicultural wedding invitations are the first step in letting your guests know the tone and essence of your celebration. In them, you have the opportunity to capture the union of two cultures and create a unique experience from the moment they receive the card.

Look for a design that represents the fusion of both cultures: you can use decorative elements, colors or symbols typical of each origin, in addition, they can be bilingual or include phrases in both languages. 

The text of the invitation should be warm, welcoming and convey the joy of the couple to share their union with their loved ones, and you can include phrases that reflect multicultural love, such as “Two cultures, one love” or “Together we celebrate our union”.

Use a calligraphy or typography from both cultures, including some symbol or elements that represent both traditions and to add detail, send your invitations with some typical candy from each culture!

Invitaciones para boda multicultural / Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz
Multicultural Wedding Invitations/ Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

The best music for a multicultural wedding

Music is a fundamental element in any wedding, and in a multicultural celebration it becomes even more important. It is the perfect opportunity to create a festive atmosphere that represents the union of two cultures and makes all the guests dance.

Choose a musical selection that includes genres, rhythms and songs from both cultures and look for a balance between traditional music and more contemporary or international songs. This will create a dynamic and modern atmosphere without losing the essence of the traditions and all the guests will feel identified, making them enjoy the party.

For a more personal touch, hire a band that plays both cultures, or make a playlist together with the songs that you like and identify with your tradition.

The wedding dance

In a multicultural wedding, the wedding dance can represent everything you are. You can include both traditions and merge them into a unique choreography to represent the union between two places. In addition, guests will feel very comfortable and can be encouraged to exchange those typical steps with others.

One idea is to find a song that you both like in a version played with traditional instruments from each country, or a cover in another language. Let music be the common thread that makes your wedding a unique and unforgettable celebration!

Officiant for a multicultural wedding: a showman

In a multicultural wedding, the figure of the officiant is of utmost importance. Not only is he or she in charge of guiding the legal ceremony, but also has the fundamental role of connecting with the two cultures, conveying the couple’s message of love and union, and creating an emotional and meaningful atmosphere for all those present.

The showman’s sensitivity and understanding of both cultures ensures the entertainment and relaxation you need on this special day. In addition, this person will get the guests one hundred percent involved, telling, for example, how you met and how your friends, parents or relatives met.

We tell you more in this article about a showman for the wedding and what it is all about!

Showman para boda / Photo via Perfect Venue
Showman for wedding / Photo via Perfect Venue

Ritual from both cultures

To honor both traditions and create a unique and meaningful experience for the bride and groom, a ceremony with ritual is the perfect option. A ceremony can be created that reflects both cultures and, through the ritual of exchanging offerings, the bride and groom can choose an element or figure typical of their place and unite them to create a symbol of support on the path of life. The candle ceremony, the sand or the ritual of planting a tree, are perfect occasions to show the union between cultures.

The multicultural wedding banquet

To delight guests, a banquet that represents both cultures offers an explosion of flavors, aromas and culinary traditions. Offer a wide variety of typical dishes from each place or you can explore the fusion of ingredients or recipes from each one to reflect the union of the couple.

A good option is to hire a specialized caterer, as they would be in charge of providing this exchange of flavors, and even a showcooking to prepare some dishes live during the reception. This will make your guests impressed!

In addition, cocktails made with typical ingredients from each culture or a table of sweets as a variety of desserts to finish, ensure the closure to a banquet of the most exclusive.

Banquete de boda multicultural / Photo via Pinterest
Multicultural wedding reception / Photo via Pinterest

Styles for a multicultural wedding

The choice of attire allows to express the union of two cultures and traditions through fashion. The couple can choose to combine elements from both origins, creating a unique and meaningful look that represents their love and their history.

Bridal ideas

You can wear a traditional dress from your culture, or one that combines elements of both traditions, and you can even choose to wear two dresses: a traditional one from one culture for the ceremony and a more modern or traditional one with pieces from your partner’s culture. She will be thrilled!

Accessories are also part of the outfit, so it’s the details that will make all the difference! Adding bits of tradition to the dress without the need to wear a traditional suit or dress adds even more originality.

Ideas for groom

If you are the groom, in this case you can use some typical flourish of your partner or a print that reflects his place of origin. In addition, you can also wear a traditional costume from your culture or a unique one that combines both. You can also use two different outfits, one for the ceremony, which can be traditional from your country, and another more modern or from your partner’s culture.

Boda multicultural / Photo via Pinterest
Boda multicultural / Photo via Pinterest

Both bride and groom can choose to wear elements of cultural origin of your culture, reflected in the shoes, jewelry or watch, tie, pocket handkerchiefs, etc. Super special!

The best decoration for a multicultural wedding

Decoration at a multicultural wedding plays a fundamental role in creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere that represents the union of two cultures. Take advantage and bring the couple’s love story to life through decorative elements, colors, textures and symbols that are meaningful to both backgrounds.

Choose a color palette that represents both cultures and incorporate decorative motifs typical of each, combining with textures such as fabrics, wood or natural elements, highlighted by the light of the place. A nice idea is to decorate with flowers, candles or typical fruits for the centerpieces and altar of your wedding, you can even create posters or signs in different languages to mark the different places of your wedding.

And if you want to finish impressing, offer your guests small wedding souvenirs, such as typical decorative objects, traditional sweets or personalized photographs!

Decoración boda multicultural / Photo via Weddings and Events by natalia Ortiz
Multicultural wedding decoration / Photo via Weddings and Events by natalia Ortiz

Organizing a perfect multicultural wedding

Organizing a multicultural wedding is an occasion full of joy, excitement and a touch of challenge. It is an opportunity to celebrate the love that unites two people from different cultures, honoring each other’s traditions and creating an exclusive experience.

It is a beautiful occasion, but as two people with different traditions, it is a more complex and detailed job. To help you in this process, contact Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, the best organizer for this cultural exchange process, we assure you that no detail will be left unfinished!

If you want to have a multicultural wedding in Europe, don’t miss this article of the best wedding venues in Spain, and this other one of wedding venues in France that you will find beautiful.

Love is a feeling that unites people, borders and above all culture!

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