Honeymoon in Portugal: the best places in the country where to start married life

In this article you will find the perfect guide for a honeymoon in Portugal. From picturesque villages to surfing islands, don't miss it!

Portugal is an ideal destination to start your new life as a couple. That’s why a honeymoon in Portugal is the best option! Whether it is paradisiacal beaches, dreamy villages and volcanic islands, this country will leave you with a feeling of wanting to come back in a very short time.

On this trip, you will find very romantic streets where you will take pictures at sunset for your memory album and, full of history, Portugal will show you a rich cultural and gastronomic richness, you will discover delicious flavors that you will remember forever!

Join us in this guide to discover the best places in the country for a magical and unforgettable honeymoon.

Make yourselves comfortable and let’s get started!

Luna de miel en Portugal / Photo via Pinterest
Honeymoon in Portugal / Photo via Pinterest

Honeymoon in Portugal: The most romantic villages


Located in the Sierra near Lisbon, it is a fairytale village that enchants its visitors with its historical charm, lush gardens and mysterious aura, with a unique set of palaces, villas and monuments that reflect the Portuguese cultural richness.

Sintra also offers experiences for nature lovers, with hiking trails through the mountains, offering breathtaking views of the Atlantic coast, a perfect plan for adventurous couples.


Surrounded by a medieval wall, Óbidos is a charming village with cobblestone streets, whitewashed houses and colorful flowers everywhere, inviting couples looking to relax for a unique romantic getaway. A stroll through the area’s narrow streets and stores is the perfect plan for a honeymoon in Portugal with your partner!

Obidos, Portugal / Photo via Pinterest
Obidos, Portugal / Photo via Pinterest


Considered the birthplace of Portugal, Guimaraes is a dream destination to start your life as a couple. This historic city, full of charm and romanticism, invites couples to live the flame of love in a magical setting that breathes history and tradition.

Guimaraes also offers a vibrant cultural atmosphere, with museums, theaters and art galleries waiting to be explored. Sample delicious Portuguese cuisine in traditional restaurants or cozy taverns. And for a moment of relaxation and romance, you can enjoy a streetcar ride through the city or a picnic in the Parque da Cidade.

Honeymoon in Portugal: Dream Cities


Known as the city of seven hills and capital of the country, it is a perfect destination for a honeymoon in Portugal. Its bohemian charm is reflected in the Alfama or Bairro Alto neighborhoods, get lost in the labyrinths of old houses or visit the Castle of St. George for dreamy panoramic views!

You can take a boat ride on the Tagus River observing the monuments from a different perspective and watching the sunset. Undoubtedly, a place of the most complete for a honeymoon.

Castillo de Sao Jorge / Photo via w
Castle of Sao Jorge / Photo via Pinterest


This city bathed by the Douro River, exudes romanticism in every corner. A wonderful plan like sharing the couple’s moment with a typical wine and visiting the wineries of Vila Nova de Gaia will leave you wanting to return in the future.

The charm of the Ribeira district, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, with its narrow streets, colorful houses and lively atmosphere, and climbing the funicular dos Guindais to enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the top are the highlights, in addition to crossing the famous Bridge of Don Luis I as a symbol of eternal love!


For couples in the mood for sightseeing, this is the perfect destination, as it is home to many places to visit: the magnificent Almeida Garrett National Theater, the beautiful cathedral and admire the outstanding Joanina library. Being the university the most famous place of this city, you can climb the tower to observe the little houses and the charm of the neighborhood.

In addition, you can not leave without taking a walk through the botanical garden, a place where you will take pictures with fairytale scenery.

Honeymoon in Portugal: Beaches


The Algarve, located in the southernmost tip of Portugal, is a perfect honeymoon destination. Its stunning golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, breathtaking cliffs and charming villages will create the perfect setting for you to enjoy an unforgettable romantic getaway.

This place boasts some of the best golf courses, a perfect plan for couples in the mood for fun plans!

Algarve, Portugal / Photo via Pinterest
Algarve, Portugal / Photo via Pinterest

Vicentina Coast

This place is perfect for unwinding and sunbathing: a destination of wild beaches and hidden coves invite you to close your eyes and listen to the relaxing sound of the waves. The sunset on the Costa Vicentina is a scene you will never forget, as it will be one of the most beautiful things that exist on the planet and, together, you will bring more magic to the moment.

The villages by the beach stand out in this place: a horseback ride along its shores and a visit to its castles are activities you can count on if you decide to choose this destination.

Nazare Beach

Famous for its giant waves, it is a perfect place for couples who love surfing: enjoy waves of more than 30 meters and then relax in its wide area of white sand!

The luxury hotels offered by this beach make this destination even more tempting: a candlelight dinner and a bath in the spa is the perfect plan for a honeymoon, after visiting the lighthouse to watch the sunset and promise your love forever, very romantic, isn’t it?

Honeymoon in Portugal: Islands


Known as the “Island of Flowers”, Madeira offers breathtaking volcanic landscapes, lush forests and paradisiacal beaches. Take the opportunity to go hiking, practice water sports or simply relax in one of its enchanting natural pools.

Get to know this famous island and embark on a boat tour to see the whales and dolphins swimming in the sea.


This volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic is a paradise for nature lovers. Its breathtaking landscapes, volcanic lakes, waterfalls, calderas, caves, black sand beaches, unique fauna and flora, charming villages and peaceful atmosphere will create the perfect environment for couples to enjoy a romantic getaway full of nature, adventure and relaxation.

Visiting the tea plantations is another of the most popular activities on this island, something quieter to share intimate moments as a couple.

Azores / Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz
Azores / Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Desert Islands

This archipelago off the coast of Madeira is a real treat for couples looking for originality in their honeymoon. The islands are uninhabited and offer a breathtaking landscape of cliffs, beaches and caves. You can enjoy hiking, kayaking, diving and bird watching in this peaceful and idyllic setting.

Get to know Pico Island, with the highest mountain in Portugal, Corvo Island, very famous for its crater lake or Santa Maria Island with a swim in its stunning beach. What exclusivity!

Honeymoon in Portugal: An unforgettable start in the best hands

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How about combining your honeymoon with your wedding? It’s the perfect excuse to celebrate a wedding in Portugal! After seeing these places, who can resist walking down the aisle in this land of enchantment?

Boda en Portugal / Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz
Wedding in Portugal / Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

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