Castle Les Bardants

Castle Les Bardants is a typical French castle, with an old style and all the comforts. Perfect to host 12 people.
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Castle Les Bardants is a beautiful castle located in the French Riviera, very close to the village of La Pacaudière. At the end of the XV century beginning of the XVI, it was property of King Francisco I.

The castle has a classic French style with all the modern facilities, such as stereo CD player, satellite TV with English channels, Internet access with DVD and WIFI. You will fall in love with its high ceilings and mosaic floors. The main house has access to three horse stables, a small tower and an old farm, as well as the heated pool and its area with sun loungers and parasols. The castle also has an equipped kitchen and a dining room for 12 people.

It is a perfect place for golf lovers, since there are excellent courses in its surroundings. You can also visit the cities of the area such as Lyon, Vichy and Roanne, where we recommend you to enjoy a dinner at the 3 Michelin star restaurant Troisgros.


The approximate prices of Castle Les Bardants for 12 people are:

Date Price per week
April 10th 2018 – April 21st 2018  1,983€
April 21st 2018 – June 16th 2018  2,781€
June 16th 2018 – June 23rd 2018  3,255€
June 23rd 2018 – August 25th 2018  4,024€
August 25th 2018 – September 1st 2018  3,255€
September 1st 2018 – October 6th 2018  2,781€
October 6th 2018 – October 20th 2018  3,403€
October 20th 2018 – December 15th 2018  1,983€
December 15th 2018 – December 31st 2018  4,024€
December 31st 2018 – April 20th 2019  1,983€
April 20th 2019 – June 15th 2019  2,781€
June 15th 2019 – June 22nd 2019  3,255€
June 22nd 2019 – August 24th 2019  4,024€
August 24th 2019 – August 31st 2019  3,255€
August 31st 2019 – October 5th 2019  2,781€
October 5th 2019 – October 12th 2019  3,403€


Bedrooms: Castle Les Bardants has 6 rooms and 3 bathrooms.

Note: The castle has an annexed house that has 4 double rooms and can be also booked next to the castle. The pool will be shared between the main house and the annexed one.

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La Pacaudière 42310 Auvernia-Ródano-Alpes FR
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