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Consolación Hotel is located in the region of Matarraña, in Teruel, next to a XVI century hermitage. It has capacity for events of 50 pax.

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  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Budget: 39
  • Capacity: 50
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Hotel Consolación located in Monroyo, at 857 meters above sea level, in the heart of the Teruel region of Matarraña, Teruel, where Consolación is situated, one of the most beautiful and unknown places in Spain, in the border area with Castellón and Tarragona. Its charm, discreet and subtle, rests in the harmony of the natural landscape, pine forests, almond trees and olive trees.

Consolación opened its doors in 2009. It is a unique hotel that perfectly combines tradition, modernity, comfort and nature. Built next to a sixteenth-century hermitage, it offers a friendly, fun tranquility inspired by the architecture of Craig Ellwood, a mixture of Germanic rationalism by Mies van der Rohe and the youthful informalism of Southern California.

The hotel has received numerous awards for design and architecture and is recommended by leading national and international tourism guides. It is the ideal place for those who love nature. Hiking, cycling, canyoning or kayaking, and the starting point for lovers of Medieval History, Prehistory, The Way of Saint James, Art …

Weddings and Events

Consolation offers wings of meetings with capacities from 2 up to 50 people.

Whatever the type of event, our highly qualified staff will take care of every detail and work together at every step of the organization to ensure a memorable experience for all attendees and the success of the meeting or event.

Consolation proposes a very special space: The hermitage. It is not strictly a hotel space, but it marks with its imposing silhouette any corner of it. And of course, we recommend all our guests to spend five minutes to their deep observation. The current hermitage is a reconstruction of the original fourteenth century, made in the first half of the eighteenth century, with the atrium dated in 1731.

Consolación has other spaces such as a Lobby Bar to leave behind all the stress of the city, a library that is the heart of the house, a Playground Room that is the ideal place to hold an interesting work meeting but also the place in the Which can enjoy the most exciting moments of leisure, a lounge with a large iron fireplace and also swimming pool and outdoor spaces with a terrace.


Consolation consists of twelve rooms. Two of them occupy the first floor of the old hermit’s dwelling, a building of baroque origin. The other ten are “Kubes”, they are individual cubes with different orientations, clad in wood and placed on a cliff, which is reached by a natural garden upholstered in rosemary and thyme.

Kubes: (36 m2). Simple architecture, almost minimalist. The bathtub, dug in the black slate floor, a wall that is a window to the most spectacular views, in short, a ceiling to the nature to be able to enjoy the most unforgettable sunsets. Kubes 9 and 10 are joined by a wall. They are perfect for groups or families but can be completely independent. The Kube 10 is the only one without a chimney.

Nordic Room: (53m2). Soft tones and special Danish furniture bought in Berlin. Three windows with spectacular views. Lamps by Alvar Aalto. Living room with fireplace. Desk. Double bathroom with shower.

Baroque Room: (46m2). An explosion of colors and textures set in the nineteenth century. Living room with fireplace. Edwardian style wardrobe. Windows with views of the courtyard. Desk. Double bathroom with shower.

Very near here, in the Cartuja de Aula Dei, a young Goya was in charge of decorating the walls and ceilings of the church, back in 1774. Most of these mural paintings today are still preserved. You can visit them on Saturday mornings, reserving beforehand. Surely you will not regret it.  

The brilliant Aragonese painter also left his imprint in other localities of the surroundings of Saragossa. This is the case of Alagón, where in addition to contemplating the fresco that adorns the House of Culture of the locality, you will marvel at the Mudejar tower of your church. In the nearby town of Remolinos, more Goya paintings await you in the church of San Juan Bautista. Another example of the Mudejar that you can not miss in this tour is the spectacular tower of the church of the Assumption of Utebo.  

In addition, for several towns bordering the surroundings of Zaragoza runs a route that delights the walkers: the Natural Path of the Ebro (GR99).

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