Finca Aldeallana, Segovia, Spain

Finca Aldeallana is a beautiful farmhouse for weddings located in Segovia, surrounded by nature, and with a capacity for 450 guests.

The need to know:

  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Budget: 5 500
  • Capacity: 450
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Finca Aldeallana, located a few kilometers from Segovia, is ideal to celebrate any type of wedding and event. It has several rooms with huge windows and incredible views. Besides having more than 300 hectares of oaks and pines, this country house for weddings is prepared for both religious and civil ceremonies, as the famous Santa Eulalia Church of Mérida is accessible through a spectacular rural road.

Its large outdoor garden area is ideal for a cocktail or aperitif, but it also has areas inside and an incredible glass pavilion located between the oaks of the gardens.


  • Rental price (from and to): From € 2500 + VAT up to € 5500 + VAT
  • Price menu per person (from and to): From € 150 + VAT to € 165 + VAT
  • Do you have your own kitchen? What type of kitchen do you serve ? Exclusivity catering Ciboulette
  • Do you have accommodation ? accommodation zone is being renovated. Hotel under construction (end works in September 2019)
  • How many rooms does it have? (if you have accommodation): 5+ honeymoon suite.
  • Number of guests (from and to): From 100 guests up to 450 guests
  • What is the surcharge in case we do not reach the minimum number of guests ? You pay the price for the minimum number of guests.
  • Do you celebrate more than one event a day ? No
  • How is the payment made ? Bank transfer
  • Do you accept pets ? Yes

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