The Josephine yacht

The Josephine Yacht is an exclusive yacht where you can celebrate a unique event in the beautiful Seine River, in Paris. Capacity: up to 60 people

The need to know:

  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Budget: 400€
  • Capacity: 60
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The Josephine yacht is a luxury yacht located in the beautiful and romantic city of Paris, on the Seine River. In this spectacular yacht of elegant and contemporary style you will enjoy an authentic cruise on the Seine.

This yacht is a perfect place for an evening on the river, a venue for weddings and events and even as hotel, since it has 4 rooms with capacity for 8 people. In addition, it has its own restaurant, where you can taste delicious menus and cocktails.

Weddings and Events
The Josephine yacht is perfectly equipped to host all kinds of events, whether weddings or corporate events. It has a capacity of up to 60 people on the dock, in cocktail. It also has a meeting room for 12 people.


Rental price:

  • Morning (8H-11H): 1600€
  • Afternoon (12H-17H): 2000€
  • Day (8H-17H): 3000€
  • Night (19H-00H): 2900€
  • Navigation 2H30: 400€
    Option of DJ, Champagne Bar and Alcohol, extra hours, animations, etc: to consult
    The exclusive rental is accompanied by the restaurant service.

Number of rooms: 4, with capacity for 8 people
Capacity: 47 in navigation, 60 in the dock
Menu and price options: tasting menu, cocktail, gourmet menu
Breakfast: 17€

Dinner cocktail:

  • Tasting cocktail per person: 75€
  • Eugène la Rose Cocktail per person: 99€
  • Maxim’s cocktail per person: 130€

Seated menu from 10 people:

  • Joséphine menu per person: 120€
  • Napoléon menu per person: 143€
  • Bonaparte menu per person: 178€
  • Menu by Thierry Marx per person: 202€

For cocktails and menus: Wine and champagne included (one bottle for 3 people)


  • One business breakfast per person: 99€
  • A full day of seminar with lunch: 310€. From 12 people
  • Dinner cocktail from 7pm to 00am per person: 120€. From 60 people.
  • After work bowls and dinner cocktail: 155€. From 60 people

Activities: culinary workshops, wine tastings, escape games, bowling, possibility of going to the stadium in France, etc.

Parking: 20 pax

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