Villa Delia, Valencia, Spain

Villa Delia is a property in Valencia, with a capacity of 500 people and a big variety of spaces, where you can celebrate your perfect wedding.

The need to know:

  • Accommodation: Yes
  • Budget: 960
  • Capacity: 500
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Villa description

Villa Delia is a spectacular property in Valencia, located in the municipality of Picanya, built in 1829. The farmhouse has an incredible architectural value and multiple baroque elements.

Furthermore, it has a wide variety of spaces and English style gardens, with ponds, forests and a variety of vegetation.

Villa Delia has all the necessary facilities to celebrate your wedding. Inside it has a small chapel for religious ceremonies and several courtyards connected to each other for civil weddings, cocktails or banquets. The villa has a capacity for 500 people.


  • Rental price (from and to): The rental price depends on the type of event, the number of guests and de spaces used and if you need exclusivity.
  • Menu price per person (from and to): from 96 to 150 euros
  • Do you have you your own kitchen? What kind of food do you serve? Yes, market cuisine.
  • Do you have accommodation? Yes
  • How many rooms do you have (if you have accommodation): 10
  • Number of guests (from and to): 500
  • Do you have a time limit for the celebrations ? No
  • Do you celebrate more than one event per day? It depends in the event
  • Do you have an exclusive photograph/music/florist? Just catering and music

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