How to get more bookings with Perfect Venue

We give you the fundamental keys to get more bookings in your venue.

If you are looking to increase the bookings of your venue, today is your lucky day! In the next post you will discover how to get more bookings with Perfect Venue and all the reasons to be part of our exclusive directory of venues in Europe.

Perfect Venue connects directly with foreign customers looking to celebrate their wedding or event in a European country and they need a exclusive location that suits their needs. Therefore, it is vitally important that the web page of the space has an excellent presentation in order to convey what we are looking for to our clients.

Quality photos

We know that everything enters through the eyes, so photographs are the first thing that customers will see from space. Therefore, the images must be of high quality and professional. In addition, as we said before, we must keep in mind that foreign customers can only see the space through the brochure, and will make their decision based on it.

On the other hand, there must be photographs of all corners of the space, so that the client can see each and every one of the rooms, dance halls, gardens, rooms, etc. All this will contribute to give a very good first impression and encourage conversion.

Castell de Sant Marçal

Castle Sant Marcial


So that the clients can get an idea of the space, it is not only necessary to publish photographs of the empty space and its different rooms, but it is highly recommended to shoot in the space that tells stories with which the clients feel identified. In this way, they can imagine the style of celebration that you can have in your space in a beautiful and very visual way.

Bridal Shooting in Casa Manuel de Formentera.

Detailed description

Along with the photos, the text is the most important. A clear and clean description, perfectly detailed, will have more possibilities to get more bookings, since customers value transparency. Everyone hate that the description is very beautiful but then prices do not appear anywhere, or does not contain the details we need to decide, such as the maximum capacity for events.

For this reason, in Perfect Venue we have selected the data that generates the most interest in our clients and with which we can filter by criteria in our directory and that  can select more easily.

We also know that sometimes the prices or possibilities vary depending on the season, whether they are indoor or outdoor weddings, number of guests, etc. This is not a problem, but rather an opportunity. In these cases we indicate that there may be variations depending on certain criteria, and we only provide approximate prices. This encourages customers to contact us to adjust the budget and solve their doubts.

Native language

It’s very important that the customers can receive all the information in their native language, in this way the communications can be easier. In Perfect venue we post the sheet of our locations in 3 languages: Spanish, English and Russian.

Moreover, it is most important that our customers look for the keywords in their language and with a sheet in different languages, you can improve the EES and improve the ranking of your website in user searches.

Publicity and Socials Networks

In addition to the web, it is important to have  publicity shared in Socials Networks. In Perfect Venue, we post on our Facebook page and Instagram the locations that are part of our proposals.

It is another way to improve your client outreach, extending it in all the world.

Villa for holidays

Villa Le Ble

The response speed

When a customer requests an information, it should not take long for him to get his answer, since he probably has contacted more spaces, the competition.

Our response time is less than 24 hours, to guarantee the interest in our client and facilitate reservation procedures. And in addition, we always respond in the client’s language.

Updated information

The information, services or details of your space is modified depending on the season or year, as well as reforms that you can carry out or changes in some aspect. It is essential to keep the information updated so that there is no place for errors with customers.

In Perfect Venue we update the file with each modification, so that our clients have the best experience and can decide with all the necessary information.

If you want to know more about how to get more bookings of your venue, we will be happy to help you. Write to and start receiving reservation requests. We are waiting for you!

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