Beautiful wedding dresses of 3 designers in Spain

Laura Lomas, Cristina Tamborero and Alejandra Svarc tell us about their career and trends in wedding dresses.

Laura Lomas, Cristina Tamborero and Alejandra Svarc tell us about their career and trends in wedding dresses.

Once you have given the “Yes, I do”, start a very exciting and intense search, that of your wedding dress. We all have an idea of what we want and what we have always dreamed of, but when you start to see different styles a world of possibilities opens in front of your eyes.

To help you in this decision and to know the new trends, Perfect Venue have spoken with three great professionals in the design sector of wedding dresses. Their work makes us fall in love and having their vision will help you with the doubts that may arise when looking for your dress.

Alejandra Svarc, Cristina Tamborero and Laura Lomas tell us all about their objectives and trends. You can’t lose it!Wedding dress

Laura Lomas

How did the idea of ​​dedicating yourself to the design of wedding dresses begin?

Alejandra Svarc: The main engine was to be able to design special and unique pieces. When it was my turn to be the bride, I found it really difficult to find something that I felt identified with, something that I could feel special that day without seeing myself in disguise. That’s what led me to create this brand. And that is the goal that I continue to pursue every day with my dresses and my collections.

Laura Lomas: Since I was very young I was attracted by any creative process, but it was when I finished my design studies when I decided to dedicate myself to custom tailoring and, over time, I have been specializing in brides.

Cristina Tamborero: Unconsciously, I knew as a child that the world of brides was waiting for me. I went to parades with only 8 years with my mother and grandmother, I saw those beautiful models parading authentic white jewels and did not dream of wearing them but designing them. It was then, in my studies of Fashion Design, when I had to face my final thesis. I still remember the reaction of my director when I thought the option of developing a collection of wedding dresses, they did not understand my interest in that world very well but they trusted me and that’s when everything started.

Wedding dress

Alejandra Svarc

How would you define your collections? What would you say is your hallmark?

Alejandra Svarc: I think that all collections have something in common, freshness. They are cool, simple designs for brides who are unabashed,but don’t want to lose that bride’s essence. They have sophisticated touches and a vintage wink and I try to give them that differential touch that, in general, the brides that come to our atelier are looking for.
Laura Lomas: Timelessness is a basic pillar in my designs, I love to create something with the idea that my customers will take it within a few years of the wardrobe and will love it as much as the first day.
I love working with pattern design because it offers a world of infinite possibilities and with combinations of color and unusual textures.
Cristina Tamborero: My collections are characterized by minimalist lines and pure style. The details are what mark the identity seal of the brand Cristina Tamborero, simple dresses but full of details in rhinestones, flowers or special fabrics.

What are brides requesting you this season?

Alejandra Svarc: Every bride comes with an idea, but the most repeated line is a simple dress and the idea of ​​special backs, textures, fabric differences, is very popular … They like to wear a wedding dress that  can have some change during the wedding.

Laura Lomas: Pants and touches of color.

Cristina Tamborero: Brides today are very demanding, they ask for quality, design and personalization first. These are three essential ingredients to make their wedding dress come true.

Wedding dress

Alejandra Svarc

What do you think the trend of the next few months will be?

Alejandra Svarc: It is possible that the skirts come back with some volume but not princess style, textured fabrics, embroidery, clear shoulders …

Laura Lomas: Actually brides want to choose their dress in ateliers that offers custom suit. We are living a revolution. The current bride is becoming more natural and wants to be “herself” and to opt for more risky and exclusive proposals.

Cristina Tamborero: The most popular trend is the painting of very subtle colors and with minimal details the dresses of brides. This season we want to bet on 3D flowers painted by hand in white, pink and gold.

Wedding dress

What is the perfect dress complement?

Alejandra Svarc: Right now, I have designed along with Navas Joyeros, a tiara made for each bride made with detachable pins and that you can personalize.

Laura Lomas: For some seasons we have been developing a collection brides shoes, during this last year we have sold many jewel shoes in bridal colors.

Cristina Tamborero: Talking about a single perfect complement is difficult and at the same time impossible. Each of the designs and each of the brides has to find the perfect complement  to add at the final look. It could be a headdress, a belt or a different shoe, the dress and the personality of each of the brides will determine it.

Wedding dress

Laura Lomas

How long in advance they have to contact you?

Alejandra Svarc: I recommend that you come visit us from one year before.

Laura Lomas: The ideal is to go to the atelier between 6-9 months before.

Cristina Tamborero: In our case, the time we are requesting to make the wedding dress in our Atelier would be between six and eight months in advance. We must keep in mind that our dresses are made to measure and with a very traditional process so those months are important to respect them.

Thank you very much Cristina, Laura and Alejandra for telling us more about your work and giving us your vision.

Cover photo: Laura Lomas.

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