Interview with Albéric Cézar, wedding photographer in France

If you're looking for a wedding photographer in France, you're in luck! In the next post we know everything about Albéric Cézar and some of his works.

He started by focusing his technique on street portraits but, as you will see below, Albéric is now a great wedding photographer in France. When you love your work, it shows. That’s why at Perfect Venue we always recommend choosing professionals for your wedding that are not only good in your area, but are passionate about their work.

Although he now resides in the region Ile de France, Albéric Cézar was born in Guyana and spent most of his childhood there. He worked in other fields, but soon discovered what was really his passion. Almost by chance he photographed his first wedding and, since then and due to the great success he had, he has not stopped.

He likes to capture the emotions of that day and the most authentic moments, that’s why we wanted him to tell us more about his work and career.

Tell us a little bit about your career, how did you get the idea to devote yourself to photography?

My passion for photography was passed on to me by my father. For a very long time, I did street photography, landscape and portraits of acquaintances. One day, a couple of friends asked me to make their wedding photo. To be honest, I hesitated. We can not afford to fail wedding photos: a lot of pressure. I jumped right into it, had an amazing experience and my friends were noticeably happy with the result. I repeated the experience a few months later with the same pleasure and had very positive feedback. From that moment, I knew that I wanted to make photography a job and I started.

Wedding photographer in France

How did you get the idea to specialize in weddings?

By realizing my firsts weddings reports, I discovered the immense satisfaction that this discipline brings. A wedding report is a lot of commitment and a certain amount of stress: we know that we cannot make mistakes because these photos are important. But what a pleasure for a photographer: a day filled with emotion, strong moments, comical scenes, laughter, tears of joy, … All the elements are there to capture what most photographers seek to capture: the beautiful, the intense, life! And knowing that many years later, one of my photos will raise a smile, will start a laugh, a tearful emotion to my married: it is priceless.

Wedding photographer in France

What do you think is your brand?

Natural, sociable, smiling, discreet and on all fronts: my way of being during a wedding report is in itself my first trademark! Regarding my photography, it is a mixture between reportage and fine art. I am on the lookout for strong moments, complicit glances, comical scenes: I use everything to compose paintings with attention to lighting, color and black and white. Moreover, in addition to digital, I work a lot with pellicles : the result of photographs captured on a pellicle is incomparable.

Wedding photographer in France

What do you like most about your job?

 A report is always an intense moment, with lots of emotion : it is very nice to work in capturing those moments.

You live in Ile de France, but do you move to other regions to photograph weddings?

I move wherever beautiful weddings take place: in France, in Europe, in the whole world! It’s always a pleasure to practice in new environments and my personality allows me to easily adapt to different cultures.

Wedding photographer in France

Do you work alone on weddings, or do you a team to support you?

Usually, I work alone. However, in the case of big wedding I can mobilize a team of photographer and videographer to capture best the event.

Wedding photographer in France

What advice would you give to married so that they can succeed in being natural and relaxed when comes the time to take pictures?

Realizing an engagement session with your photographer is a plus to feel comfortable the day of the wedding : it allows them to meet their photographer and to tame the lens in a quieter context than the day of the wedding.

Wedding photographer in France

What kind of photographs are the most required by the bride and groom?

Most of them ask me to privilege spontaneous photographs . For group session, originality and fun are more and more appreciated.

What do you think will be the trends in wedding photographies for the next seasons?

Elegance and simplicity I believe will be the key words : the perfect combination between a fine approach and an intimate approach/spontaneous photographs.

Wedding photographer in France

Finally, how much time in advance do they have to contact you?

To book a report, I would advice to to do it as soon as possible. I believe 6 months is a minimum, but most of the time, the married contact me a year before the big day.

Now that you know a little more about Albéric and his great work as a wedding photographer in France, do not hesitate to get more information about him on his website or by contacting his email:

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