7 Reasons to Get Married in a Chateau in France

We are telling you all the advantages and comforts of getting married in a French Chateau, a romantic space surrounded by spectacular gardens.

Chateaux in France are incredibly romantic with surrounding gardens and luxurious interiors. The best thing is that many of them are ready for celebrating deluxe weddings and in Perfect Venue we have an exclusive selection of these venues.

Castle Les Bardants

Chateau Les Bardants

Here we have gathered seven reasons for you to get married in a Chateau:

The Style

French Chateaux are naturally stylish both in the architecture and interior design. They are designed purposefully and with personality. You can choose from modern style or typical older french design. As you can see from the next photograph, it is all about luxury and elegance.

Chateau De La Victoire

Chateau de la Victoire


Most of the chateaus have impressive gardens and they are located in the heart of nature, isolated from the noisy cities. Chateaux are perfect for outdoor weddings because of their beautiful gardens. Imagine a tent, flower decorated details and beautiful tables with nice settings, what else could you need!


Especially for destination weddings it is important to find a wedding venue with accommodation for your guests, at least for two days. The ideal situation would be that the guests stay in the same place where the wedding is organized. This is why you should consider to get married in a chateau because you can take all the advantages of the venue and have a pre-wedding dinner or enjoy some other activities.

Castle des Girards

Chateau des Girards


Imagine you are celebrating your wedding in a building which is almost like a castle and the whole area is just for your use only. You can enjoy it 100 % without worrying about anything and feel like a princess or prince. Can you feel it already?

Perfect for children

Chateaux are spacious but closed areas so they are perfect for guests with children because you don’t have to worry about where they will be. We recommend that you organize some games in the garden or other activity for them so that they will also be entertained while you are enjoying your banquet.

Castle Thugny

Chateau Thugny


One of the advantages of getting married in a Chateau in France is the climate. If you want a beautiful wedding with sun so that you can enjoy gardens besides interiors, spring and summer are the ideal times for organizing your wedding.

Experiences and activities

When thinking of the days before and after the wedding you should consider a place suitable for interesting activities. After all destination wedding is a supposed to be a unforgettable trip! You and your guests can enjoy France’s beautiful beaches, charming villages and other beautiful landscapes. Castle La Rocherie

Chateau de la Rocherie

If you are interested in knowing more about the most impressive Chateaux in France where celebrating your wedding will be a complete success, send an e-mail to info@perfectvenue.eu and we will help you to find the best venue for your dream wedding.

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