Most Geeky weddings: let us give you a few very original ideas

Les temps changent ! Les gens deviennent plus inventifs et innovants, adaptant tout à leurs goûts et à leur personnalité, parce que lors des mariages, ce ne serait pas moins ! Parce que beaucoup de gens rêvent d'avoir un mariage unique et extravagant. Une occasion très spéciale de transformer le grand jour en quelque chose des plus amusants, avec des espaces

The times are changing! People are becoming more inventive and innovative, adapting everything to their tastes and their personality, because at weddings it would not be less! Because many people dream of having a unique and extravagant wedding.

A very special opportunity to transform the big day into something of the most fun, with spaces according to the series, movies or comics and very original and striking decoration.

So if you and your partner are fans of Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, The Lord of the Rings, Pokemon or Mario Bross, stay tuned for all these ideas! Surely they will get at it with all your imagination for your geek wedding.


Photo: Svetlana Dubovenko, Wedding planner: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, Venue: Tous castle

A bond like that of the famous red wedding? We do not want blood or danger, but a lot of love and decoration of the series!

Therefore, you can count on medieval gala tablecloths, sweet dragon eggs, a dress for the groom in pristine armor and a bride with wavy hair and crowns or braided with hairclip and headbands.

For the names of the tables you can take advantage of those of the houses: Stark, Targaryen, Lannister, Greyjoy, Tyrell, Martell…. Have you already seen this wedding inspired by Game of Thrones?

  • CASTLE OF SANTA FLORENTINA: What better space than a castle in which scenes from the series were filmed? This castle was chosen by the creators of Game of Thrones to locate Raven Hill.

A space full of marble pieces, wood carved into the ceiling, wrought iron, stained glass, ceramics and sculptures that remind one of a fortified farmhouse, the best setting for your wedding on this theme!


Photo: Cacá Santoro Photography

Star Wars has years and years of history, but the classics never disappear! You only need to make for your wedding with a few laser swords to cross underneath when arriving at the ceremony or to place them as decoration in the table centerpieces.

You can give the guests posters, badges, mugs with famous phrases from the movie … and on the cake you can include two characters from the saga as little dolls, don’t forget the photocall! with the masks of the faces of the characters, laser swords, and a galactic background.

  • BARDENAS AIR HOTEL: In Star Wars movies many scenes have been shot in the desert, so you need a wedding in a space like this. 

This hotel is isolated from all noise and its spectacular design of transparent bubbles that allow you to see the stars with great comfort and the galaxies themselves!


Most Geeky weddings - Perfect Venue
Photo: The Willinghams Photography

Do you have a short ring bearer with very curly hair? It will be the touch of humor in the ceremony! And at the altar, it’s very easy! you just have to put a lot of books from this saga and it will be very original.

The mythical animal, such as dragonflies, can be arranged as a led-light all over the place, and for tables the names of the most famous places! Mordor, La Comarca, Rivendel, The Mount of Destiny, Moria, Lothlórien….

And for dessert, you can not miss a cake with simulated moss!

  • Farmhouse EL CAVALLER DE VIDRÁ: We need a space full of nature! And this farmhouse has it, as are its landscaped areas, which allow them to celebrate festivities and links outdoors. An ideal background to simulate the environment of the Lord of the Rings.


Photo: Cat Norman Photography

To enter the treat … the soundtrack of Captain America! And for the friends of the bride and groom … twins of the superheroes MARVEL! As they are: Captain America, Iron Man, Thanos, Hulk, Nomada, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch … and if they put the superhero MARVEL logo under their shirts to take their shirts off at the dance, it will be the best!

As gifts for the guests you can always give comics and the bride’s bouquet can be very original if it is made with paper from the comics, and the centerpieces lined with them!

  • CYBELE PALACE: This place is one of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid, with an avant-garde design on its sixth floor, with views of the rooftops like those that the superheroes themselves jumped. Quality views for about 100 quality diners!


Photo: Lehua Noëlle Faulkner

Thinking of getting married between castles, princesses or turtles? A Mario Bross wedding is yours! If you are lovers of this game, a photocall with mustaches, mushrooms, coins is mandatory

Another very original idea is to have an alliance holder whose rings are under the names of “Player 1” and “Player 2”, and a wedding cake like the game with the dolls on top as Mario and Princess Peach.

The tables can also be divided with the names of the characters: Luigi, Toad, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Princess Daisy, Bowser, Mario, Goomba, Rosalina

  • HOTEL VILLA RETIRO: This hotel will transfer you to the authentic interactive map of Super Mario Bross because it even has a lake! In addition to streams, waterfalls, tropical vegetation, a private garden, a bamboo lounge … your guests and you will feel that you are moving through the spaces of the game!


HARRY POTTER wedding ideas
Photo: via Pinterest

Have you not missed a book or a movie, and have even seen them several times? So surely you imagine all your guests raising magic wands at the ceremony.

Centerpieces with books, cocktails that look like potions, photocalls with glasses and the sorting cap … but better see how a complete Harry Potter-inspired wedding would look like!

  • CASTELL PERALADA: The space you need is to get married in the library of a great castle, like at Hogwarts! Its spectacular library is a perfect place to say ‘yes, I do’ with your 700 guests.

The place also has gardens and it is also allowed to spend the night in the hotel surrounded by history and nature.


Photo: The Pokémon Company

Pokemon could not be missing at your wedding if you are a lover of this little creature!

Pokémon rings, yellow flowers, tableware decorated with pokeballs, desserts decorated with these balls, small stuffed animals of these adorable characters or in the centerpieces.

Even gifts for the smallest guests to play, and the not so small!

  • FINCA MONTE DE CUTAMILLA: A farm to feel like in a real Pokemon scenario, 1,200 hectares of landscapes, meadows, and forests, a private natural landscape and not at all ordinary as if it were the Kanto forest itself, Vetusto forest, or the Lumirinto forest!

If you have come this far it is because you are also thinking of taking out your geeky side and transferring it to your wedding! And yes, we at Perfect Venue can help you. Shall we start?

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