Look! These are the different types of trains for wedding dresses

Nous sommes sûrs que vous avez vu de nombreux catalogues dans des boutiques de mariage, sur Internet ou dans des magazines spécialisés. Mais la question qui se pose est : quelles sont les différences entre les différents types de traine de robes de mariée ? La mariée a tous les yeux sur elle le jour de son mariage grâce à sa robe, et aussi à son train !

We are sure that you’ve seen many catalogues in bridal shops, on the internet or in specialised magazines. But the question that arises is: what are the differences between the different types of wedding dress trains?

The bride has all eyes on her on her wedding day thanks to her dress, and also her train!

Depending on the dress that you like the most and your figure, you must choose a type of train, because there is a train made for every type of bride!

Detachable trains, monarch trains, cathedral trains, court trains, sweep trains, chapel trains…does this sound like double Dutch to you? Well, that’s why we’re here! To show you all of the trains that exist and their features, so that you will be able to decide which is the one you would prefer for your walk down the aisle.

So sit down and prepare to see the different types of trains for wedding dresses.

Watteau train

colas vestido de novia 2021 - perfect venue
Lussano Lace of Love 2021 / Rebecca 19355

This type of train starts on the back or on the shoulders, and it’s the only thing that protrudes from the dress, looking like a cape.

Regarding its length, the train can be the same length as the dress or extend a little further.

This type of less common train is usually made of a lightweight fabric, to bring movement to the look of the most different and modern brides who dare to change their style, just as celebrities do on the red carpet.

Do you dare?

Monarch train

Cola real vestido de novia 2021 - Perfect Venue
Lussano Lace of Love 2021 / Rosanne

Who hasn’t dreamt of getting married like a real queen or princess? Well, this is what the monarch train simulates, a train of more than three metres in length that will cover a large area of space.

It’s for this reason that the brides who choose a monarch train usually say “I do” in large cathedrals or temples that allow the bridal train to take up the entire space. So you can’t be without the bridesmaids that help you walk towards the altar!

By being a train of such magnitude, it is recommended to have a second dress with a more subtle train for the reception, since this will allow dancing with comfort and naturalness.

Cathedral train

Pronovias 2021
Pronovias 2021

With a shorter length than the monarch train is the cathedral train, whose length usually ranges between two metres.

This type of train is more commonly seen among the most traditional brides who celebrate the ceremony in a large venue as well.

Although it is a beautiful, elegant and glamourous train, the bride will also need some bridesmaids to help her walk or sit, or some pageboys who can hold the train for her on the walk down the aisle.

Have you seen the Pronovias 2021 collection? If you’re a fan of cathedral trains you can’t miss it! There are many designs that will leave you speechless!

Chapel train

After the cathedral train, we find the chapel train, a train that reaches a metre or a metre and a half in length, thus merging the comfort and simplicity of the shorter trains and the sophistication and the elegancy of the longer trains.

This type fits in perfectly with the majority of dresses, that’s why it is the most common train style in the bridal world.

You will feel like a real rebel princess! Because you can hold the train yourself whenever you want and you will also be able to pick almost any venue for the celebration.

With the chapel train you will fit in no matter what! So take a look at the Savannah Miller Spring 2021 Collection and discover the numerous chapel trains they have in their designs!

Court train

Reeam Acra Bridal Spring 2021
Reeam Acra Bridal Spring 2021

What comes to your mind when you read “court train”? That’s it! You think of the clothing of the ladies of the court.

This type of train measures more than 30cm and less than a metre in length, making it the shortest wedding dress train and it is usually very common in the more classic ceremonies.

This train is ideal if you want to if you want to carry a minimum drag; but feel relaxed and not feel like it is difficult to walk due to the weight of it.

It is also suitable for all kinds of venues, since it is not long and allows a most comfortable celebration in gardens, a castle, estate, country house, etc.

Therefore, if you are thinking about this option for your wedding dress, you can’t miss the Reem Acra Spring-Summer 2021 Collection, you’ll fall in love with their designs and trains!

Sweep train

Jolie Bridal 2021 - Perfect Venue
Jolie Bridal 2021

This type is the simplest, shortest and most basic among the wedding dress trains, given that it has the right cut to cover the bride’s feet. This is the ideal option for those who don’t want to carry more than 30cm of drag.

This type of train is usually found in simple designs, such as those of the empire cut and consists of lightweight fabrics, perfect for places with somewhat uneven ground, such as the sand of a beach.

The name is due to the fact that when walking the bride simulates that effect of sweeping the floor with the train. And yes, it is the most comfortable option of all of the trains.

The debut Jolie Bridal Spring 2021 Collection will captivate you if what you want for your big day is a sweep train.


Detachable train

This is the best option for the most indecisive brides, because if you don’t know whether to have a train or not…you can have both options!

It is as simple as having a train that attaches to the back of the dress that you can remove whenever you want. Like, for example, to celebrate the wedding majestically with the train and, later, celebrate the banquet and the reception without it.

The best thing is that you can choose the length and the way of hooking: bow, buttons…and you will have two looks in one!

Have you seen the Sébastien Luke Bridal Spring 2021 Collection? Look at its distinctive designs! Because they are perfect to add your detachable train.

Do you need advice to help choose your wedding dress train?

Well here you have it!

  • When you wear a train, remember that you must not walk backwards. You can trip over the train and be in for a shock!
  • As for the veil, if you wear one, it’s important to know that it should never be shorter than the train, always longer!
  • If you are short in height, a dress with a long train will not favour your figure as much as a shorter train will. Choose for the simplest to slenderise your figure!
  • Keep the detachable train option in mind, it will get you out of trouble!
  • If you don’t opt for the detachable train, think about the way that you are going to pick the train up to dance with it, go to the bathroom, sit…

Now you’ve seen all of the types of bridal trains that exist! Do you already know which one is yours? Come and tell us at Perfect Venue! Because we will be happy to help you with your fittings.

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