Weddings in Galicia, can you resist the north?

Galicia wedding celebrations. Galicia is a place where what stands out most is the tranquility of nature, coupled with the personality of the bride and groom.

Galicia is a place where what stands out the most is the tranquility of nature, added to the personality of the bride and groom, some of the most curious and memorable weddings arise.

Both a beach bar and a charming Galician pazo become ideal places for the celebration of your wedding in Galicia, where all your dreams will come true. A decoration starring all the Galician nature and bridal dresses which will reflect the true essence of the bride, are the main elements for a perfect wedding.

Pazo de Cea:

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Pazo de Cea

This pazo is located at Camiño de Cea, 1, 36350 Nigrán, Pontevedra. It has the perfect balance between tradition and modernity. It has been standing since the sixteenth century and qualified with Cultural Interest since 2010. Place of reference after a great avant-garde architectural reform that makes it perfect for holding events in a unique setting.

It has outdoor spaces surrounded by camellias, orange, chestnut and lemon trees, a delight for the bride, groom and guests. It also has two halls for the banquet, one inside and the other more modern and glazed that has even an architecture award.

Its kitchen has the chef Pepe Solla, which has a Michelin star and menus designed for every occasion, adjusting to the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom. Undoubtedly one of its strengths is the quality and excellent service.

Pazo do Tambre:

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Pazo do Tambre

Majestic manor house from 1898, bounded by the Tambre river from which it takes its name. Located in Lugar de Loureiro, s/n, 15286 Serra de Outes, A Coruña, it has three buildings and more than half of the spaces are made up of huge gardens and lakes.

It also has an enormous diversity of outdoor spaces. The 19th century pazo, located on the banks of the river, with an aristocratic decoration dating back to past times. The Villa Los Olivos, perfect for large banquets, surrounded by old olive trees and relaxing interior patios.

They also have their own kitchen and ideal menu proposals, which can be adapted to both the traditional banquet and the more cocktail format. Always with the best quality. They have two previous tastings: one for the dishes and another for the appetizers.

Its spaces also have the possibility of accommodation for the bride and groom and guests, specifically 18 double rooms.

Pazo Señorans:

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Pazo Señorans

Located in the heart of the Rías Baixas, it is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding in Galicia. Perfect representative of the Galician manor houses built in the countryside representing all the charm and manor of the past.

Suitable for any typical climate of Galicia, it has several spaces adapted to any event and time of the year. Countless outdoor spaces in addition to large rooms in which to celebrate your civil wedding, make the banquet and where you can dance, they also have their own kitchen.

Pazo Torre de Xunqueiras

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Pazo Torre de Xunqueiras

This pazo is a Historic-Artistic Monument from the 13th century which still preserves the name of its first lords. First it was a defensive tower-fortress, then, in the 14th century, a palace inspired by the Renaissance was built.

It has a large outdoor area surrounded by numerous olive trees for the ceremony and cocktail, a lounge that accommodates up to 300 guests, which overlooks a garden area where a chill out area is placed for guests to rest.

It has its own kitchen, catering Chicolino Restauración, which also moves throughout Spain. They design countless menus, according to the couple’s taste for each celebration.

For accommodation they also have a suite for the bride and groom and three rooms for guests, such as the parents of the bride and groom, for example.

Bodegas Granbazán:

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Bodegas Granbazán

Finca Tremoedo is one of the first chateaux in Galicia. Surrounded by a sea of vineyards, it is a reference in the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin. It is located in a privileged environment with a high gastronomic experience typical of these lands, in Lugar de Tremoedo, 46, 36628, Pontevedra.

These wineries have three spaces in which to celebrate an unforgettable wedding. The Granbazán hall has space for 250 guests and also has room for the dance party. We also find the Ámbar room, which combines tradition with vanguard and is ideal to enjoy the oenology and the typical Galician gastronomy, and finally we have the Vilanova room which is a modern and luminous space.

Pazo de Vilaboa:

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Pazo de Vilaboa

Located ten minutes from A Coruña, a noble and beautiful medieval style building of the nineteenth century. It has a main hall, with capacity for 500 guests, a small chapel and a circular tower where we can find the bridal suite for the bride and groom, called Red Room.

The outdoor areas also stand out, where we appreciate the gardens surrounding the property, full of vegetation, under which to celebrate the banquet, which will make this moment even more special.

Quinta Canaima:

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Quinta Canaima

Also located in A Coruña, in Oleiros. This property is located a few meters from the Town Hall and the Church of Santa Maria de Oleiros dating from the nineteenth century. It has numerous spaces spread over 500 square meters, especially highlighting the fusion between history and modernity. The facilities lack no detail, surrounded by French gardens with many years of history.

Thanks to so many years of experience, they offer an exquisite and impeccable gastronomic experience, mixing new trends in the culinary industry with the tradition of the area. One of the star estates in Galicia without a doubt.

Pazo de Touza:

celebración de bodas Galicia - Perfect Venue
Pazo de Touza

Finally we find this pazo, located in Nigrán (Pontevedra), another perfect place for your wedding celebration in Galicia. It is a sixteenth century manor house built by nobles, which today hosts all kinds of celebrations. It has an impressive tower and the typical balcony of Galician architecture, as well as a large outdoor area.

Among the services, we can find the bridal suite as a gift for the bride and groom, fully customized decoration, rest areas for the party and a luxury banquet by Nuria Cervera Chefs catering.

Galicia is one of the unique areas of our country where we find nature, gastronomy and hospitality of the people, coming together and creating a perfect combination to have your wedding here. We hope that all the information we have given you will be of help and that you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams!

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