Organize an incredible wedding in the Basque Country

Organizing a wedding in the Basque Country. Organizing a wedding in the Basque Country and marrying the love of your life is the best thing that can happen to you

Organizing a wedding in the Basque Country and getting married to the love of your life is the best thing that can happen to you but it is also very complicated to plan, every detail is important on your special day.

Statistically, a Basque wedding costs 22,300 euros, but of course it is an average that we can take as an example. The organization of your wedding is not anything done in a restaurant but a great party on a family farm or another exclusive place that has tents, portable bathrooms, etc.

How much does a wedding cost in the Basque Country?

Next, we will show you how to have an organization at your wedding and we will give them an approximate amount of price. These numbers are general and can vary significantly depending on several factors. So don’t be surprised if you find budgets with a noticeable difference both higher and lower.

Wedding in San Sebastian
Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz


The banquet would be €130 per person, with a minimum of €70 and the children’s menu costs from €30 to €50

Open bar

A very important thing and forgotten by the bride and groom is the open bar that in Vizcaya is paid by the hour being the minimum of €28 for three hours, depending on whether you want premium brands or normal brands, if the latter is what you prefer it can cost you from €19 per person.

Preparation of the bride

This procedure can be very different. There are stores that offer a variety of suits at a price of less than 1000 euros. But if you choose a designer to create the perfect dress, you must have a budget of around 3,000 euros, but of course this amount can vary a lot depending on the fabric or the work done.

Groom’s preparation

The boyfriend also has a multitude of options. You can choose a store suit or a tailor who makes your ideal suit. However, on average, a suit with accessories (jacket, tie, shirt, shoes) can cost between 800 and 2000 euros.

Castillo San Sebastiano
Castillo San Sebastiano


Photography is something important that will keep all those good memories recorded in photos. And it’s always fun for photographers to take care of your wedding, unless it’s too intimate a wedding. A good photographer can cost from 1500 euros.


Wedding videos are gaining a lot of fame, imagine having your wedding saved in a recording forever. In addition, with new technologies, they come out with innovations and definition. Now these are real recordings. And, according to the author, its prices vary a lot, you can find it from €1000 or €2000.

Bride’s bouquet

It usually costs €130 to €150 including the bouquets of the groom and godfather.


Choosing a good DJ will determine the success of the party and the wedding as well. The market is full of DJs, but it is advisable to choose a professional who has played at weddings. Your budget will be closely related to the quality of light and sound you want for your wedding and of course the number of hours of partying. But it usually costs from 600 euros for four hours of dancing. Overtime costs about 100 euros.

Castillo San Sebastiano 2
Castillo San Sebastiano


This service will always depend on the distance, time and numbers of buses contracted, yet the average price of buses in the Basque Country is €450.

However, you can hold a wedding for €500 in this province, buying the dress at a flea market and making your guests pay for their food, in addition to choosing a rural place for the celebration.

Now we will show you some lovely places in Biscay, Basque Country that will help you celebrate your wedding in the best way:

  • Marina Aguirre Flores

This woman who gave up her artistic life and already has 10 years of experience in the floristry industry, with her art that stands out inside and outside the Basque Country is highly sought after for her talent.

  • Carolta Hormeaochea

This magical fashion designer can make you the dream dress you always wanted as well as the ideal suit for your boyfriend, the perfect dress will be made to your measure and taste when you want it.

      • Floreta

This place as its name says is an exclusive florist, being now a decoration studio, this florist has been one of the largest in the industry for more than 15 years. The firm’s experts advise and offer all kinds of bouquets and flowers. In addition, his work is associated with the best raw materials

      • Joana Diestre

Design store specializing in wedding dresses and accessories for these that will make you feel like a queen on your special day, it has a variety of prices for all budgets.

      • Ercilla Weddings

In addition to being a great place to get married, this place stands out above all for its great gastronomy, having already gained 40 years of experience in this range.

      • Flor Fruits

Floral and fruit decorations are the passion of Elena, Ana and Begogna, who gave life to Flor Fruits, hence the name of this Basque company. Its three pillars are wedding decoration, event “decorations” and fruit baskets, which they offer to followers and customers. His famous works are distinguished by following modern trends with elegance and good taste.

Photo via Weddings and events by Natalia Ortiz

Haizue Photography

Photographer dedicated to paying attention to every detail, he will collect every little detail of your wedding and this will be in history.

  • Javier Barroeta

This is another ideal place to get the dress of your dreams, made to measure and accompanying every detail that the future bride wants. They also have two lines of fabric according to your personality, whether you choose the one that best suits you, the Haute Couture for women looking for a plus of personalization and the Adelle, for those who prefer a relaxed look.

  • Arbaiza Jewelry

This jewelry is characterized by its seriousness, elegance, good quality and professionalism, it also has a high quality of jewelry and watchmaking, which is perfect for any audience and unique marriage orders have been made for 27 years.

  • Atlantis trips

This travel agency is the best to be able to organize your dream wedding, in an ideal and unique place where you will enjoy the magic, you will have insurance expenses and many insured travel offers included.

      • Zure Argazki

One of the strengths of Zure Argazki’s photographers is that they don’t film many weddings a day, so they give each couple time to capture the most romantic scenes.

      • Bilbao Express Travel

Since 1986, Viajes Bilbao Express has been developing all kinds of routes for couples on five continents. From the most exotic places to the most urban capitals, nothing can escape the experience of this company that can make couples’ travel dreams come true. “Our team is made up of passionate travelers with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and hundreds of trips. We enjoyed every day, creating unique adventures around the world, as if they were themselves “

The Basque Country has a wide variety of places to enjoy an incredible wedding and above all first-class professionals who will help you have everything to the smallest detail.

If you are still interested, you can see our articles to find out more places in the Basque Country where to organize your wedding, using Perfect venue Finder.

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