42 original ideas for your wedding: surprise your guests with these details!

Do you want your wedding to have its own personality? Don't miss these unique and original ideas.

Are you planning your big day and want to find out the best ideas for doing so? 

Nowadays weddings are not like they used to be, traditions and ways of doing things have changed, which means that everything can be customized. Every detail can be taken care of and every element chosen, starting from the flowers and decorations to the ceremony location and catering. All of this, of course, must be in line with the bride and groom’s personal taste and the style they have chosen for their day. 

We always tell you that the wedding should be a coherent and meaningful whole in which everything has been meticulously thought out; undoubtedly, personalization and originality are increasingly appreciated.

To help you with this, we offer 42 original ideas that will make your wedding a unique, unforgettable and very special event.

  1. Point out the road with signs 

The perfect mix of organization and personalization could be to use customizable indicative signs that on the wedding day will be used to indicate the way to the ceremony, reception, bar area, dance area, or restrooms. This could be a very original and fashionable idea for this season. 

  1. Mini signs with messages 

Do you want an original way to replace or accompany the usual rice bags that are used when leaving the church or ceremony venue? A unique and fun idea might be to provide your guests with mini-posters, with romantic and well-wishing messages to the bride and groom, to make that moment even more memorable. 

  1. Bags of light for your location

Decorate the entrance of your wedding venue with a row of beautiful and elegant fireproof paper bags with candles to give a different and very special touch to your wedding. Be innovative and use modern objects and elements!

  1. Decorate a corner of the location with photos of you and your guests

A very engaging idea might be to dedicate a corner of the venue to photos of the bride and groom, friends and family members. A detail that can also be kept both by the guests, as a thank-you cadeau, and by the bride and groom, if the guests decide to leave dedications and signatures on the photos themselves.

  1. Dedicated food corners and finger foods for the banquet

Inspired by British food trucks, or food stalls in small trucks, themed corners of any product or country could be set up during the banquet: ham, cheese, ice cream, cannoli, Cuban corners with cigars and rum…

  1. Decorating with pompoms, bottles and jars

Any item purchased even inexpensively can be used to set up and decorate various corners of the location. For example, tissue paper or tulle pompoms, paper rosettes, candles. In this way, very striking scenery can be created. 

  1. Romantic garlands for a special day

The unique and unrepeatable event of the wedding requires noteworthy decorations; therefore, garlands and banners can recreate a special decorative effect that would give character and uniqueness to the event.

  1. Decoration with bird cages

Birdcages have become a wedding decoration must-have, and you will find them in different sizes, shapes and prices. In addition, these can be enhanced with flowers, plants and candles for an even more majestic effect.

  1. Centerpieces of all kinds

Glass jars and fruit crates for a shabby chic wedding; zinc buckets and floating candles for an urban style wedding; brightly colored flowers and ceiling-high candelabras for a boho chic wedding. Each element will add to the wedding theme and make the atmosphere even more atmospheric.

  1. Lights and candles to illuminate the wedding at night

Is your wedding celebrated in the evening and in an outdoor space? Install unforgettable lighting in outdoor spaces to create romantic and atmospheric atmospheres. For example, a cute idea could be to hand each guest a helium balloon with colorful lights or create light installations with the initials of life-size guests.

  1. Decorate the wedding car in an original way

You can use classic flowers and tulle or, for something more unique, tin cans that will make noise on the way and thus make the bride and groom notice the arrival.

  1. Signature book

If you want to have a special memory of your guests on your wedding day, what better way than to have them dedicate a few words of affection, admiration and gratitude. The signature book can also be placed next to the photo booth so that guests can stick their photos and put a dedication next to it. Of course, it does not have to be a typical book, it can be a wishing tree, a puzzle, stones. A keepsake for a lifetime and something that family and friends will enjoy. 

  1. Colored smoke

Nowadays, classic fireworks, which are visible only at night, can be replaced by colorful smoke fireworks. These are easy to use and create a beautiful and very original effect even in sunlight.

  1. Funny bride and groom figurines for the cake

For a very original cake cutting this is a must! The most original bride and groom figurines can range from the bride and groom dressed in their profession or hobby to others with a more ironic twist. The choice is yours!

  1. Customized desserts

What do you think about giving your guests personalized treats? You can create placeholder bags with personalized cookies or a box of cupcakes as wedding favors at the end of the wedding. All guests will take away a sweet memory!

  1. An eye-catching candy bar

You can add a touch of sweetness and originality to your wedding with a booth dedicated entirely to candy. Opt for different shapes and sizes for glass containers, candy displays, colored candies, cupcakes, etc. And to make it even more mouthwatering, why not add a nice chocolate fountain where you can dip fresh fruit?

  1. Have fun with a photocall

Create your own wedding photocall with original props such as mustaches, hats, glasses and feather boas. Add frames and backgrounds to make the poses even more fun.

  1. Umbrellas for bridesmaids

A nice idea would be to provide your bridesmaids with original paper bamboo umbrellas. This will ensure that they will not go unnoticed and that their walk down the aisle will be unforgettable. Of course, umbrellas can be given to all the guests if a beautiful sunny day is on the horizon. 

  1. Survival kit

Surprise your guests with very useful wedding bags, which are paper or cloth bags where some basic items such as Band-Aids, tissues, wipes, tampons, chewing gum… will be placed.

  1. Flip flops for guests

Picking up on the previous point, an idea that will please everyone, especially women, will be to offer your guests a pair of comfortable flip-flops or flip-flops that they can put on after a whole day spent on stilettos dancing and having fun all night long.

  1. Pageboy accessories

In addition to the bridesmaids, it would be very nice to dress the wedding pageboys in a certain way. In addition to the classic white dress for the girl and the formal gown for the boy, an original idea could be to have them wear accessories such as straw hats, flower crowns, a special basket for flowers to be thrown down the aisle… The whole thing could end, not with the classic walk down the aisle, but with a dramatic entrance inside a small remote-controlled vintage car.

  1. Games to entertain children

Usually the choice of hiring a children’s entertainer for a wedding is not taken for granted. So, those who do not opt for this specialized figure could create a special corner of the room with baskets for children to entertain themselves with kites, spinning tops, modeling dough, crayons or colored markers for painting. There are endless options to keep even the youngest children entertained!

  1. Boxes or bags for wedding favors

Thinking about every little detail is essential for an unforgettable day, so matching the wedding theme to the wedding favor boxes or bags will be that extra touch that will create an even more magical overall vision. 

  1. Gifts for unisex guests

One way to include everyone when thinking about cadots to give guests at the end of the day would be to buy neutral gifts, suitable for both men and women. For example, it could be a perfume, a photo frame, a set of towels, a nice pen, etc.

  1. Alternatives to rice

Nowadays, the throwing of rice at the end of the ceremony is becoming less and less popular, partly due to the fact that rice is difficult to clean up, especially for the bride, and may soil her clothes. Less classic but still beautiful alternatives are flower petals, streamers or confetti shooters. 

  1. Welcome kit

To go with the wedding bags we mentioned earlier, you could provide your guests with bags with items not aimed at personal care. You could include a fan, a map of the venue, cute soap bubbles or beautiful photos.

  1. Fruit

Tired of spending a mountain of money on floral decorations? A less expensive option might be to use fruit, perhaps in season, as centerpieces or to decorate corners of the venue. Citrus fruits, pumpkins, tomatoes–but beware of waste!

  1. Chill-out zone

This area could be very useful if set up specifically for those guests who do not like to party all night. It could also be enhanced by a food and bar station. 

  1. Beauty corner

In the restroom, it would be very original to install a beauty station where women can touch up their makeup and look perfect even after a long and tiring day. An extra treat would be to hire a professional makeup artist to make the experience even more relaxing.

  1. Karaoke

If you are fond of karaoke, why not organize one on your wedding day? You could request the band or DJ you have hired to set up a projector and have the guests sing all the songs chosen from the bride and groom’s playlist. This choice will create unforgettable and super fun moments.

  1. Cooking for a special day

If one of the bride and groom or the couple is renowned among the guests for being 5-star chefs, a very nice idea could be to give the guests one of the secret recipes you know best how to cook. You can put it behind the menu or give it away as a prize at the end of the day for the luckiest person!

  1. An alternative to the bouquet

Have you ever thought about not walking down the aisle with the classic bridal bouquet? Well if you are tired of the usual traditions, a very original idea might be to wear a wreath of flowers, perhaps matching those used in the wedding venue. At the end of the evening, the guests can still participate in the fateful moment of throwing the “bouquet.”

  1. Changing the order

If you are in the mood for extravagance, you can plan the luncheon before the ceremony so that you have a chance to greet all the guests quietly. This will allow you to set aside time for each individual guest and help you relax before heading down the aisle. It will definitely be a worthy idea!

  1. Theme wedding

To give character and personality to your wedding, it would be nice to choose a theme that will be repeated throughout the day. The theme could be a common hobby of the couple, a color, a movie, a song. If you love the sea, you can set up the tableau mariage with this theme and make centerpieces with sand and shells. 

  1. DIY corner

Why not set up a corner where guests have the opportunity to make a craft to take home as a souvenir? For example, a table with a variety of different frostings, toppings and flavors to garnish beautiful cupcakes!

  1. Christmas wedding

If you are getting married at Christmas, why not ask your guests to each bring a Christmas tree ornament? That way you can use them every year in your new home and it will be a great keepsake for the holidays. And if you decide to use Christmas ornaments instead of flowers, you will probably save a little on your wedding budget.

  1. Celebrating the wedding on an unconventional day

Who said there are set days to get married? If there is no availability to hold your wedding at the venue you have always dreamed of, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting married even in the middle of the week or on a Sunday. Guests from outside will understand and still be there for you!

  1. Incognito guest

Have you ever thought of having an undercover actor waiter among the catering staff? You could come up with some jokes to surprise your guests while the dishes are being served–laughter will be guaranteed!

  1. Picnic wedding

Can you imagine all your friends and family sitting in the countryside around picnic tables and garlands of lights? For this type of event, you need to inform guests of the dress code in advance to avoid unpleasant high heel accidents.

  1. The wedding playlist

A novel idea would be to have your friends recommend a good music playlist for the DJ to play. It would be interesting to make a mix of various tastes and genres of music. Remember that music is a key element in bringing your wedding to life. It will be the centerpiece of the day, starting from the entrance on the aisle to the disco at the end of the night!

  1. The newlyweds’ scratchcard

Do you feel like trying your luck? Why not make place cards with beautiful scratch-offs of the bride and groom? It would be a super original idea to offer gifts at the end of the day to those who have scratched the lucky scratch card.

  1. A labyrinth full of love

To make the arrival at the location even more fun and original, you could set up a small maze near the entrance, built with paper or plexiglass panels, so that guests can start the day with a dynamic and engaging activity!

If you have new ideas or have done something super original on your wedding day, please feel free to drop us a note so that others can be inspired to do so on the most special day of their lives.

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