Floral decoration in 2026: these are all the novelties that will set the trend at weddings.

We tell you all the floral decoration trends in 2026! This season flowers are full of rebellion and daring, with techniques, colors, textures and elements that have never been seen before. Are you going to miss them?

Get ready to witness the floral masterpiece that will be the wedding sensation of 2025! Floral decoration in 2026 comes loaded with rebelliousness and daring, with techniques, colors, textures and elements that have never been seen before.

Flowers at weddings in 2026 are ready to revolutionize the scene, transmitting a great dose of originality through unexpected combinations and innovative shapes. It’s time to leave everyone with their mouths open!

However, beyond following trends, it is essential to make sure that the floral design reflects the taste and personality of the bride and groom, creating an atmosphere that perfectly suits their style.

So, without further ado, let’s discover the flowers that will be the stars of 2026 weddings and that will undoubtedly cause a sensation!

Flowers from the bride and groom’s country of origin

Europe is a favorite place for destination weddings, as many foreigners come to our continent to get married, but there are times when they do not want to give up customs and traditions of their country.

Well, this year you are in luck! Because the incorporation of floral elements inspired by different cultures and traditions will be a trend in floral design in 2026.

These arrangements include flowers and plants native to different regions of the world, as well as decorative elements that reflect the cultural heritage of the bride and groom.

Ramo de flores japonés / Photo via Pinterest
Japan flowers / Photo via Pinterest

Asymmetrical arrangements

Goodbye to symmetry and perfect order! In 2026, floral arrangements will look natural and relaxed.

Instead of following strict rules, arrangements will be more organic and asymmetrical, creating a fresh and spontaneous look that will make you feel like you’re in a beautiful garden.

Arreglos asimétricos / Photo via Pinterest
Asymmetrical arrangements / Photo via Pinterest

Creative use of branches and leaves

Yes, this 2026 flowers are not coming alone, but branches and leaves will become a primary part of floral arrangements.

This season, designers are expected to use foliage creatively, either as a main part of the arrangement or to add texture and depth.

Exotic and tropical flowers

Imagine a tropical paradise at your wedding! In 2026, exotic and tropical flowers are expected to become the stars of floral arrangements.

These unique combinations not only add a touch of exoticism and adventure to the decor, but also transport you to a world full of color and tropical energy.

Get ready to feel the warm breeze and intoxicating scent of tropical flowers!

Flores exóticas y tropicales / Photo via Pinterest
Exotic and tropical flowers / Photo via Pinterest

Dried and preserved flowers

Flowers now last forever! Dried and preserved flowers are stealing the show in the floral world, and it’s not hard to see why. They are a sustainable, long-lasting option that is gaining more and more popularity.

In 2026, we can expect to see more arrangements combining these timeless flowers with fresh ones, creating a lovely mix that adds a touch of charm and durability to your wedding. It’s like bringing a little piece of spring everywhere you go, no matter the season!

Floral arrangements suspended in mid-air

In floral decor in 2026, suspended floral arrangements are going to take the wedding world by storm. Imagine flowers and foliage hanging from the ceiling or suspended in the air, creating a breathtaking show full of drama.

And you know what’s even more exciting? Combining these arrangements with hanging chandeliers, another booming wedding trend! The combination of floating flowers and twinkling lights will create a magical, enchanting atmosphere that will take everyone’s breath away.

Get ready to elevate your wedding to the next level with this stunning trend!

Arreglos florales suspendidos en el aire / Photo via Pinterest
Floral arrangements suspended in mid-air / Photo via Pinterest

Wild and country flowers

In floral decorating in 2026, wild and country flowers are going to conquer floral arrangements with their natural, carefree charm.

These arrangements mimic the beauty of a wild meadow or garden, creating a romantic and cozy feel that adds a touch of warmth and nature – we love it!

Flowers go up on the walls

Flowers on the walls, why not? A novelty will also be this, to have flowers on the walls: in the form of wreaths, with branches, plants….

Also vertical gardens, which consist of plants grown on walls or in small and limited spaces, are gaining popularity.

We like everything to be bursting with flowers!

Arreglos que se suben por las paredes / Photo via Pinterest
Flowers go up on the walls / Photo via Pinterest

Edible flowers at your banquet

Explosion of flavors and colors at your banquet! In 2026, edible flowers are set to conquer floral arrangements. Not only do they add a unique beauty to the arrangements, but they also add a unique touch of flavor to the food and drink served at the event.

Imagine surprising your guests with a feast for the eyes and for the palate! It’s time to enjoy a gastronomic experience that awakens all your senses!

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