What a circus! We give you the 30 best ideas to organize an authentic circus-themed wedding

In this post you will find how to celebrate a circus-themed wedding, we give you the 30 best ideas so you can surprise everyone under the big top.

How are youeeeeeees? Ready for your circus-themed wedding show to begin?

Yes, circus-themed weddings are in trend and are a huge success. And not only circus weddings, but all themed weddings in general are causing a sensation. And we love it!

This type of celebration is full of color, fun and magic in every corner, and circus weddings offer endless possibilities in all aspects: from decoration to entertainment and music.

So get ready to surprise your guests with the most incredible ideas for your circus-themed wedding.

Let’s the show begin!

Invitations in the form of circus tickets

Send invitations that imitate the entrance to a circus show. Include fun details like the name of the “main artists” (the bride and groom) and the date of the “big show.”

Circus tent as a venue

Celebrate your wedding under an authentic circus tent or a replica. The tent will provide an authentic and exciting atmosphere for your big day. It is also a perfect plan B in case of rain.

Boda temática circo / Photo via Pinterest
Circus themed wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Decoration with red and white stripes

Use red and white stripes in the decoration to create a classic circus atmosphere. From table linens to centerpieces, these stripes will add a festive touch to your celebration.

Clowns and jugglers as entertainment

Hire wedding entertainment such as clowns and jugglers to entertain your guests during the reception. Their skill and humor will add a touch of fun to the event!

Children’s play corner

Create a circus-inspired play corner to entertain the little ones. Includes games like ring toss, bottle game, and face painting to keep them entertained. Having a children’s corner at the wedding is a total success!

Acrobat performances

Surprise your guests with impressive acrobat performances. From trapeze artists to contortionists, these performances will leave everyone speechless.

Carnival style magic mirrors

Place carnival-style magic mirrors around the venue to add a touch of magic and mystery. Your guests will have fun playing with the distortions and reflections!

Candy and popcorn carts

Create candy and popcorn cart stations for your guests to enjoy classic circus bites. It includes a variety of sweets and flavors to satisfy all palates as a candy bar. And don’t forget your pyramid of glasses.

Vintage style merry-go-round

If possible and your budget allows, rent a vintage-style carousel at your wedding for guests to enjoy a nostalgic ride. This circus classic will add a touch of charm and fun to the celebration.

Boda temática circo / Photo via Pinterest
Circus themed wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Circus photocall

Set up a photocall with circus accessories, such as red and white fabrics, carpets, unicycles and even the typical platforms on which the elephants stand. Your guests will have fun creating unique memories and photos!

Circus illuminated signs

Decorate the venue with illuminated circus signs that announce the events and attractions of the wedding. These signs will add a touch of authenticity and style to the environment.

Live circus band music

Hire a live circus band to liven up the party with upbeat, energetic music. From circus marches to catchy tunes, live music will add a festive atmosphere to the event.

Pet circus

If you have pets, include them in the celebration with a little pet circus show. From simple tricks to more elaborate performances, your pets will be the stars of the show!

Fireworks show at the end of the night

End the night by booking a spectacular fireworks show that illuminates the night sky. This dazzling finale will be the perfect finishing touch to an unforgettable circus wedding.

Vintage photo booth

Set up a vintage photo booth with circus props for guests to take fun instant photos. The photos will be precious memories of this special day!

Circus-inspired centerpieces

Create circus-inspired centerpieces using golden candelabra elements, red candles, white roses… These centerpieces will add a touch of fun and color to the tables.

Boda temática circo / Photo via Pinterest
Circus themed wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Close-up magic performances

Hire magicians to perform close-up magic performances for guests during the reception. These intimate and surprising performances will leave everyone wondering “how did he do it?”

A big ferris wheel

Yes, include a Ferris wheel in the celebration so that guests can enjoy an exciting ride with panoramic views of the place. Fair rides always add a touch of excitement and adventure to any event! Famous couples like Chiara and Fedez and Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos already did it at their wedding.

Boda temática circo / Photo via Pinterest
Circus themed wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Circus Temporary Tattoos

Offer circus-inspired temporary tattoos so guests can have fun decorating their bodies with colorful, eye-catching designs. It will be an entertaining activity for all ages! And if you want to go further, you can always set up a tattoo-free bar.

Lighting with paper lanterns

Decorate the venue with hanging paper lanterns to create a magical and enchanting atmosphere. These lanterns will add a touch of romance and warmth to the celebration.

Jesters and buffoonery

Hire jesters and comedy performers to add a touch of humor and fun to the wedding. Their antics and jokes will keep guests laughing and entertained throughout the celebration.

Chocolate fountain

Set up a chocolate fountain with a variety of fresh fruits and sweets for guests to enjoy a delicious snack. This decadent indulgence will be a guaranteed hit with sweet lovers!

Exotic “animals” for decoration

You can include an exotic animal exhibit, but not the real thing! Since it is not their habitat and we are always against animal abuse, that is why you can always opt for hanging monkey lamps, realistic snakes behind bars, tropical birds or small mammals, so that guests can be amazed by this decoration.

Circus makeup for guests

Hire professional makeup artists to provide circus makeup for guests. From clown face designs to animal paintings, everyone will be able to transform into real circus performers!

Pyrotechnics and acrobatics show

Surprise your guests with an exciting show that combines pyrotechnics and acrobatics. This impressive display will leave everyone speechless and add a touch of excitement to the event.

Fair game area

Create a fairground playground with classic attractions like target shooting, dart throwing, and the bottle game. Guests will have fun competing for prizes and enjoying the excitement of the fair!

Performances of trapeze artists and tightrope walkers

Hire trapeze artists and tightrope walkers to perform impressive, gravity-defying performances. These feats of physical prowess will leave everyone speechless and create unforgettable memories.

Circus themed drinks bar

Create a circus-themed drink bar with creative cocktails and fun circus-inspired names. From the “Juggler Martini” to the “Equilibrist Expresso,” guests will enjoy a unique drinking experience!

Fair games for prizes

Host carnival games where guests can win fun, circus-themed prizes. From stuffed animals to toys, everyone will want to participate and take home a wedding souvenir!

Outdoor circus show

End the night with an outdoor circus show including juggling, trapeze, clowns and more. This spectacular performance will be the perfect finishing touch to an unforgettable circus themed wedding.

Boda temática circo / Photo via Pinterest
Circus themed wedding / Photo via Pinterest

How to celebrate a circus-themed wedding: have a wedding planner

Are you looking to make your dream of a circus-themed wedding come true but feel a little overwhelmed by all the details? Don’t worry! A wedding planner is your best ally in this exciting process.

With her experience and knowledge of themed weddings, a wedding planner will guide you every step of the way to a truly spectacular circus celebration. And when it comes to themed weddings, who better than Natalia Ortiz of Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz?

With her magic and professionalism, she will help you find the best space, the most dazzling decoration, the most vibrant music, the funniest entertainers and everything you need to make your circus-themed wedding a resounding success.

So don’t wait any longer to start all the preparations and make your special day a true tribute to the circus and your love.

Contact them today and start this exciting adventure towards a unique and memorable wedding!

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