How to celebrate an eco wedding: 26 tips to minimize the environmental impact on your big day

In this post you will find how to celebrate an eco-wedding to be respectful of the environment and minimize the environmental impact on your big day, an increasingly common practice in the wedding sector. There is no planet b.

Welcome to the eco-friendly wedding revolution! More and more couples are wondering how to celebrate an eco wedding so that their big day is more environmentally friendly.

In a world where environmental awareness is on the rise, the wedding sector is not far behind. More companies are adopting sustainable practices to reduce their impact, thus creating a greener and more conscious wedding industry.

And it is undeniable that the wedding sector has a considerable impact on the environment. From wasting food to excessive energy consumption and using disposable flowers and candles, it’s time to rethink the way we celebrate love.

Therefore, we tell you how to celebrate an eco-wedding and be responsible for the planet on the most special day of your life. After all, we may have a plan B, but we don’t have a planet B.

So let’s start making your dream wedding come true in an ecological way!

Space in a sustainable location

Choose a ceremony and reception location that has sustainable practices, such as a botanical garden, organic farm, or certified green outdoor space. This is not going to be difficult to find at all. Take a look at our directory of Perfect Venue spaces, there are a lot!

Eco boda / Photo via Pinterest
Eco wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Digital invitations

Choose to send digital invitations instead of traditional paper ones. This reduces paper use and minimizes the carbon footprint associated with postal delivery. If yes or yes you want them on paper, opt for recycled papers.

Eco-friendly decoration

Use natural and reusable decorative elements, such as seasonal flowers, live plants and recycled materials. Avoid single-use items and choose reusable options whenever possible.

0 kilometer catering

Select a catering service that offers organic, local and seasonal food options. Minimize food waste by carefully planning quantities and donating surpluses to local charities.

Sustainable dress and suits

Consider wearing a wedding dress or groom’s suits made from sustainable materials or renting dresses instead of buying new ones. You can also opt for second-hand or recycled clothing.

Eco-friendly transportation to the altar

Make use of bicycles or electric cars to enter the altar. In addition to being eco-friendly, it is also a super original idea to get to the altar. Imagine the guests’ faces when they see the two of you appear pedaling a bike!

Eco boda / Photo via Pinterest
Eco wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Sustainable gifts for the bride and groom

Instead of traditional gifts, consider asking your guests to choose eco-friendly gifts for you, such as plants or reusable products.

Waste management

Place recycling and composting bins throughout the wedding venue to make waste separation easier. Minimize the use of disposable products and opt for compostable options when necessary.

Lighting and energy

It uses low-energy LED lights and makes the most of natural light during the day. Consider using renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind generators, if feasible.

Eco-friendly details for your guests

Give your guests small eco-friendly details, such as seeds to plant, natural personal care products or handmade items by local artisans. Also a way to contribute to local commerce.

Reusable tableware and cutlery

Use reusable tableware, glassware and cutlery instead of disposable options. If you must use disposables at any time, always opt for compostable alternatives.

Shared transportation

Arrange shared transportation for guests who live close to each other, reducing the carbon emissions associated with multiple vehicles. A bus for guests is the best option.

Eco boda / Photo via Pinterest
Eco wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Local and seasonal flowers

Choose locally grown and seasonal flowers for your bridal bouquet and floral decoration. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance flower transportation.

Outdoor ceremony

Hold the ceremony outdoors to take advantage of natural light and minimize the need for artificial lighting. One tip is to have a wedding in the morning to take advantage of the daylight hours.

Paperless ceremony

Avoid using printed programs and other paper materials during the ceremony. Instead, consider displaying the information on a digital screen or reusable signs.

Buffet reception

Opt for a buffet service instead of individual plate service, which reduces the amount of waste generated.

Eco boda / Photo via Pinterest
Eco wedding / Photo via Pinterest

Recycling of dresses

After the wedding, consider recycling your wedding dress or donating it to a charity that can reuse it. Here we tell you what you can do with your wedding dress after the wedding.

Sustainability also on your honeymoon

If you’re planning a honeymoon, choose sustainable destinations and modes of transportation, such as trains or buses instead of planes, or choose local destinations to reduce carbon emissions associated with travel.

Carbon offset

Consider offsetting the carbon emissions associated with your wedding by purchasing carbon credits or donating to renewable energy projects.

Environmental education

Take the opportunity to educate your guests about the importance of sustainability and how they can reduce their environmental impact in their daily lives. Ask your showman to mention it in his speech.

Avoid excess packaging

When planning your wedding, choose suppliers who minimize unnecessary packaging and opt for bulk products or recyclable or reusable packaging whenever possible.

Charitable donations instead of gifts

Instead of receiving traditional wedding gifts, consider asking your guests to donate to environmental charities in your name, helping to support important causes and reducing the number of physical objects consumed.

Support for local and sustainable suppliers

When choosing your wedding vendors, prioritize those who have sustainable practices and are local, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supports your community’s economy.

Candle lighting

Use candles instead of electric lights to create a warm and romantic atmosphere at night, thereby reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Eco boda / Photo via Pinterest
Eco wedding / Foto via Pinterest

Biodegradable for throwing rice or confetti

Instead of traditional rice or confetti, choose biodegradable and environmentally friendly options, such as dried flower petals, natural leaves, or confetti made from recycled paper.

Flower donation after the event

After the wedding, consider donating the flowers from your bridal bouquet and floral decorations to hospitals, nursing homes, or other local institutions to brighten other people’s days and reduce waste.

How to celebrate an eco wedding: count on a wedding planner

Are you looking to make your wedding a sustainable and eco-friendly event? Don’t worry! From choosing materials to waste management and decorating, there is a lot to consider. But don’t worry, we are here to help you!

A wedding planner can be your best ally in this process. With their experience and knowledge, they can guide you every step of the way towards a greener and more conscious wedding. And who better than Natalia Ortiz from Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz? She will be your wedding sustainability fairy godmother!

It’s time to start planning your eco-friendly wedding! Don’t wait any longer to start all the preparations and make your special day a true tribute to the planet. Contact them today and start this exciting adventure towards a greener wedding!

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