The 30 best wedding planning apps to help you with your preparations, and they’re free!

We tell you what are the 30 best wedding planning apps to help you with your preparations and make the organization of your wedding much easier and bearable, take note of all of them because they are still free.

We know that planning a wedding can seem like a roller coaster, but don’t worry, we’re here to make your life a lot easier! We bring you the best wedding planning apps. 

If you’re in a mess with expenses and budget, with the search for the best spaces, or with the details for the guests… … … don’t panic! Because in the world of apps, everything is possible! Yes, there is an app for everything.

Go straight to your mobile “store” and start downloading as many as you want, because they are free! Ready for your mobile to become your wedding planner? Well…

Let’s get started!

The best wedding planning apps for venue search

  1. Perfect Venue: The best directory to find those venues that will take your breath away! And we’re not talking about ordinary venues, but real gems worth discovering! From exclusive corners to dreamy settings that look like something out of a movie. Let yourself be surprised by the unique options throughout Europe.

    Perfect Venue Finder
    Perfect Venue Finder
  2.  Wedding Spot: Helps you find and compare wedding venues, with detailed information on prices and availability.

The best photo wedding planning apps

  1. Wedding Party: Allows you to create a shared photo album so guests can upload their own wedding images, as well as send reminders and updates.
  2. Wedding Photo Editor: A photo editing app that allows you to retouch and enhance your wedding images before sharing them with friends and family.

The best wedding planning apps for wedding invitations

  1. Wedding Invitation Cards Maker: A tool for designing and customizing digital wedding invitations, with a variety of templates and personalization options.
  2. Wedding Fonts: An app that offers a wide variety of text fonts to use on your invitations, programs and other wedding materials.

The best apps for music wedding planning

  1. Spotify: Whether you’re looking for that perfect first dance song or want to create an entire playlist for your guests to dance to, Spotify is the place to go. 
  2. Wedding Songs & Music: Offers a playlist of recommended music for the ceremony, reception and other wedding highlights.
Hotel Caruso, Italy
Caruso Hotel , Italy

The best wedding planning apps with ideas to inspire you.

  1. Pinterest: You can find and save visual ideas for your wedding, as well as create boards with images of dresses, decorations, cakes and more to inspire you and organize your ideas visually. 
  2. Wedding Ideas: Provides wedding planning inspiration, with photos and tips on decor, wedding dresses, hairstyles and more.
  3. Wedding Dress Look Book: Offers a wide selection of photos of wedding dresses from different styles and designers to inspire you in your choice.
  4. Wedding Hairstyles: Provides ideas and tutorials for bridal hairstyles, with photos of different styles and recommendations from professionals.
  5. Wedding Flower Crown: Allows you to try different designs of virtual flower crowns to find the perfect style for your wedding.

The best apps for wedding planning with a countdown. 

  1. Wedding Countdown: Provides a countdown timer to the wedding date, along with social media sharing and design customization features.
  2. Wedding Countdown Widget: Provides a countdown counter widget for your device’s home screen, so you can easily see how many days are left until your wedding.

The best wedding planning apps with simulation game

  1. Wedding Dash: A game that simulates the wedding planning experience, with challenges and tasks to complete in each level.
Boda Castillo Buen Amor / Photo via Natalia Ortiz Weddings and Events
Boda Castillo Buen Amor / Photo via Natalia Ortiz Weddings and Events

The best wedding planning apps for timings

  1. Wedding Day Schedule: Helps you create and manage your wedding day schedule, with reminders and notifications for each important event.

The best wedding planning apps to manage your wedding budget and wedding expenses

  1. Monarch Money: It’s a budgeting app that will give you peace of mind about your finances. You can keep track of all your account balances and transactions in one place.The best part? You can collaborate with your partner.
  2. Wedding Budget Calculator: A tool specifically to help plan and maintain a wedding budget, with expense tracking features.
  3. Wedding Budget Planner: Helps you plan and manage your wedding budget, with tools to track expenses and adjust as needed.

The best wedding planning apps to organize your guest lists, invitations and RSVPs.

  1. Wedding Guest List Organizer: Manage your guest list, send invitations and track RSVPs, as well as organize accommodation and transportation information.
  2. Minted: The Address Book: Makes writing addresses on your envelopes fast, easy and beautiful. It takes the stress out of collecting and organizing all of your guests’ addresses. 
Alesya & Andrew / Photo via Natalia Ortiz Weddings and Events
Alesya & Andrew / Photo via Natalia Ortiz Weddings and Events

The best and most complete wedding planning apps

23. WeddingWire: Offers tools for organizing to-do lists, budgets and the guest list. It also provides inspi             ration with decoration ideas and wedding dresses.

  1. Zola: Allows you to create a personalized wedding website, manage gift lists, send digital invitations and keep track of RSVPs.
  2. The Knot: Provides comprehensive tools for organizing all aspects of the wedding, from budget planning to guest list management and decor inspiration.
  3. WedPlanner Pro: An app that includes features for managing budgets, creating to-do lists and keeping track of vendors.
  4. WeddingMore: Offers tools for organizing key aspects of the wedding, including guest lists, budgets and task reminders.
  5. Wedbox Planner: Allows you to create to-do lists, manage your budget and share information with others involved in wedding planning.
  6. My Wedding App: A simple and easy-to-use application that helps organize the guest list, vendors and to-dos.
  7. Wedding Happy: Offers a personalized to-do list based on the wedding date, as well as tools to manage the budget and guest list.
Monserrate Palace
Monserrate Palace. Photo by Lisbon Wedding Planner

Ready to say “I do” to the perfect wedding planning? Then it’s time to download your best tools! 

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