How to choose the best wedding photographer

We explain you all the requirements that your wedding photographer should meet by talking to the Italian photographer Nino Lombardo, considered one of the best in the world.

Organize your wedding to be the one you always dreamed of is not an easy task, but if there is something that guarantees the success of the celebration, that is the correct choice of all the professionals who will work on it. Today we focus on one of the most important figures: the photographer.

Choose your photographer is probably one of the things that are at the top of your wedding list, since choosing the best one is a very important decision. If you find yourself in this situation and don’t know where to start, here you can find the requirements that the wedding photographer should meet:

  • Experience
    It is important to choose a photographer who has experience in wedding photography, since this type of photography requires a very special capacity to capture emotional instants. He can’t miss any important moment of your day, and must be able to create great memories.
  • Empathy
    Before making your decision, it is necessary to arrange a meeting with the photographer, to know each other and checking if you have good feeling with him. When you are planning a destination wedding, we know that this can be more complicated because you are not in the same country, but thanks to Skype you can see each other and have a meeting. The photographer must empathize with you and be able to understand and know what you would like the most.
  • Style
    Of course, you should study the photographer’s style before making the decision. Observe his work, take a look at the different weddings he have worked in and see if that is the style you are looking for for your wedding.
  • Communication
    Your wedding organization will last months and many doubts will arise throughout the process. It is essential that the photographer knows how the wedding will be, if there is any change in the timings or activities, etc.

These are the most important requirements to start selecting your photographer, but to deepen a little more on this subject, we have the help of Nino Lombardo, an Italian photographer specialized in weddings.

Nino was born in Sicily, has a career of more than 30 years and has been recognized as one of the best photographers in the world. He is an expert in wedding photography and with his camera he has immortalized weddings from different cultures and countries, traveled all over the world, even in India!

In the interview you can enjoy below he gives us the keys to choose your wedding photographer and explains his experience in weddings of different cultures.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

What motivated you to specialize as a wedding photographer?

Photographing happy people in a happy day, who could not be satisfied! I started my career as a boy apprentice with a wedding photographer in Sicily and over the years I wanted to personalize my style! I opened my photography studio in 1997 and 2001 I created my first website The meeting with some great photographers was a creative and constructive dialogue to continue my career as a wedding photographer.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

Wedding photographer of different cultures, rituals and also destination weddings, how did you start entering this sector?

I have been invited to become a member of important international wedding associations that recognize me as one of the best photographers in the world. When an engaged couple books from abroad they are sure to contact a high quality professional. Many of my shots have been rewarded and I have also received global recognition from WPJA Wedding PhotoJournalist Association as TOP 100 photographer in the world!

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

We know that you worked in a wedding in India, what did you like most about this experience?

I love to photograph different cultures and customs in new contexts. A wedding photographer in India is certainly excited about all the traditions that are strictly respected. I have also photographed weddings with different rituals, such as the ritual of sand, the different colors come together during their promises! Photos in a mixed Persian-European wedding in Cernobbio on Lake Como, a beautiful table with many Persians’traditions and the European rite.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

What are the differences between working in a wedding in Italy and in a destination wedding?

When photographing weddings of different origins with different uses and customs, the primary differences are known in the approach with the day. When I photograph an Italian wedding there is often a lot of tension and emotion especially at the bride’s home. In the destination weddings there is more festive air and joy since the wedding photos during the morning preparations, the day begins with a party.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

In addition to photos, you also make videos, do you think it is important to choose both services when organizing a wedding?

Photos and Movies are two independent choices. I always say that I love moving images as much as I love photographs! Yes, I think both services are important.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

Do you work alone or do you have assistants?

I love working alone; but a wedding lasts several hours and the assistants become essential.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

What would you recommend to a couple who have to choose their wedding photographer?

A photographer for Marriage? Book Nino Lombardo, he is very good! … joking aside … I always recommend choosing the photographer who with his photographic style is closer to the tastes of the couple, do not choose a portraitist if you like wedding photojournalism. Often the spouses focus on if there are beautiful couples and beautiful landscapes in the photographs; but the thing that escapes and that is more important is the style and the high quality of the image of the wedding photographer.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

An exciting moment during the wedding that you love to capture with your shots:

The exciting moments in a wedding are during the preparations and during the ceremony, I could say the whole first part of the photographic story up to the promises with the exchange of wedding rings. A particular moment of the wedding that I love to photograph is the groom’s gaze when the bride enters and approaches the altar, here also happens a few tears and I like to tell the emotions and contrasts, tears and joy on such an important day as that of marriage.


Nino Lombardo wedding photographer

How do you relate with the spouses, especially if they are foreigners?

You can get married in Trapani, in my city; but live in another country Milan, Amsterdam, London, New York … or from Ireland, from Canada, from Brazil, from Holland you can make a destination wedding in Sicily to Taormina, Cefalù, Modica, Scopello, Erice, Agrigento … and choose me as a wedding destination photographer. I have all the necessary means to be contacted and always reply in a short time to those who want my services, my site and my facebook page nino lombardo photographer are always updated, then there is the email, social media , the skype call. I am also a member of international associations that guarantee my professionalism and the quality of my work. I am also available outside my Sicily, I have photographed weddings in Lombardy on Lake Como, in Milan, in Pavia, in Piedmont in San Giulio on Lake Orta, in Reggio nell’Emilia, in Chieti, in Camogli and, as already told in New Delhi.

Nino Lombardo wedding photographerHow long before should the couple get in touch with you?

To contact a photographer for a wedding on a summer Saturday it is best to contact me at least a year before; but there is that it contacts me 2 or 3 months before the big day. In reality there is no set time.

After reading this interesting interview, we’re sure you have now a more clearer idea about how to choose your wedding photographer. Besides, you can know more about Nino and his work on his website or contact him at

Thank you very much Nino for your time!

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