Keys for the success of your events and weddings venue in 2019

Discover how to make your venue for weddings and events chosen for the most exclusive celebrations.

Although we are still in summer, if you have a venue for weddings and events you should already think about the 2019 season, as the bride and groom, wedding planners and event organizers start well in advance to find the ideal space. Therefore, for the next year, it is necessary that you know everything about wedding trends 2019, and that you adapt your business strategy to them. Below, we collect these essential keys for the success of your venue for weddings and events in 2019. It is the details that we know that the bride and groom need and those that will attract their attention the most.


Mas Solers estate in Spain

Lots of pictures

This part is fundamental. Your venue can be spectacular but if the photographs are not good, it will cause rejection in the clients and they will not even contact to ask for information. There are hundreds of spaces for weddings and events and the competition is getting stronger, but the key is to know how to transmit why yours is so special. Each one has its part that shines the most and its strong points, which must be reinforced in professional photographs of high quality. Do you have views on the sea or on the mountains? Areas of chill out? Make sure they appear in the photos. One of the wedding trends 2019 is to find and decorate unique spaces with a special charm, so make your space a claim for the couple, giving it an original atmosphere.

Villa La Tosca

Villa La Tosca in France

The last information

When the data of a company are completely outdated, the printing is not very good. Each season prices change based on many factors, so it is essential that they are completely updated on the web with the data corresponding to 2019, and in all places where your venue appears on the internet. Not everything can be summarized in a figure, so we advise you to make clear the variables: minimum price-maximum price, additional services and their cost, menu per guest, etc.

Mas Torroella

Mas Torroella in Spain

Increase services

The field of weddings and events evolves almost every day. New options always arise and, specifically, for next year, the couple will ask for more personalized and original services. Make sure you keep up with those wedding trends 2019 and offer more and more services, so you can take care of the design of the wedding almost complete: decoration, music, fireworks, furniture, etc.

Viñuelas Castle in Spain

Variety of options

In line with what we mentioned in the previous point about services, another important point is to offer variety. Each client is a world and not everyone is looking for the same. Therefore, the more variety you offer in terms of places to celebrate the ceremony, type of banquet or cocktail, timetables, etc., the more possibilities you will have to increase the number of clients. Something that we will see next year will be personal weddings, so the spaces have to be varied and versatile, and adaptable them to each request.

Chateau De La Victoire

Chateau De La Victoire in France


If there is something that customers and event organizers are looking for, it is easy communication. They need to find options urgently on many occasions and being the first to answer can increase your chances of hiring your venue for weddings and events. In addition, it is a way to make it clear to the client that there is someone behind who cares about all the requests and that, if they ever have a question to be resolved quickly, they will do it on the same day or the next day at the latest. Think about how annoying it is when you call by phone or send an email and no one answers your question … Do not let yourselves be carried away by the time left for your event, as the bride and groom who are preparing their wedding for 2019 do not see that there is much time left, for them it is imminent, it is their most important day!

Castell de Sant Marçal

Castell Sant Marçall in Spain

All these details and much more are the requirements that your venue for weddings and events must have to grow during the year 2019 and increase customer base.

If you have a space for weddings and events that meets these characteristics, do not hesitate to write to to include it in our directory and begin to increase your reservations, as we tell you in this article.

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