Here is everything you will find in a bohemian wedding dress in 2020

Les robes de mariée bohèmes ont commencé à se démarquer parmi la foule, et avec l'essor des mariages ruraux et sur la plage, c'est la meilleure option étant donné que, comme vous êtes à l'extérieur, une robe bohème vous permettra d'être un avec la nature, de vous sentir libre et féminin. Les principales caractéristiques de ces robes impliquent un [...]

Bohemian wedding dresses have started to stand out among the crowd, and with the rise in rural and beach weddings, it is the best option given that as you are outside, a bohemian dress will enable you to be at one with nature, feeling free and feminine.

The main characteristics of these dresses involve a simple shape, with light and flowy fabrics, ensuring that the bride feels comfortable and relaxed, whilst remaining on trend.

This year, boho-chic fashion is branching out further and further, therefore, if you’re not a traditional bride and you would like to know all about the bohemian wedding dresses of 2020, keep reading!

Different shades of white

The difference between the traditional dress and a bohemian one is that generally the bohemian dress isn’t the usual shade of white, since dresses that have a vintage flavour tend to be in shades such as ivory, off white or bone colour.   

For whichever shade you choose, you could even mix it with others!

Lace all over the place

This decorative fabric could be made of linen, cotton, silk or thread and is a favourite among brides, since it gives your look a romantic and bohemian touch.

In 2020 lace will feature in every wedding dress!      

Vintage and second hand dresses

Yes, you have read that right, in 2020 it will not be necessary to keep a big budget for the wedding dress, as the trend nowadays is to reuse this garment.

Hippy brides are in luck! You will not find anything more vintage than a second hand wedding dress, full of nostalgia.

Yes to mesh

Something that reveals your skin is without a doubt a reflection of sensuality, freedom and femininity. It is for that reason that several hippy wedding dresses already incorporate this fabric into their designs, referring to it as the tattoo effect. Have no fear in choosing this!

In terms of volume, nothing can ever be too much

For example, frills, which have become an essential nowadays, stemming from fabrics with pleats that enable the frills to fall beautifully.

They can be stiff, light, cascading… They come in thousands of forms and will never go out of style!

Wide and pleated sleeves

It could be said that they are one of the main components of bohemian wedding dresses and, luckily, they continue to be popular to this day among less traditional brides. They are very stylish and freeing!

These bell-shaped sleeves can be found in mesh, with embroidery, with frills… Whatever you choose will be perfect!

With wings

This has to be one of the most revolutionary and daring designs, since there are few brides that choose to wear a dress in which the skirt and sleeves are joined by extensions of fabric, in a way in which when they open their arms wide, the dress sits open like wings.

This of course is very bohemian!

Capes and more capes!

The good thing about this type of dress that is full of volume, material that tends to drape is that if you are very sensitive to the cold or if you a celebrating your hippy wedding in autumn or winter, you could always choose some kind of layered blouse or embroidered jacket or waistcoat, since it will keep you warm without having to give up your sense of style!

At Perfect Venue we are in love with the bohemian bridal style and if you have read this much, you must feel the same way. So, as you know, with a lot of love and peace we are ready to find your own bohemian style!

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