The Best Lavender Fields in Provence

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The south east of France has numerous beautiful landscapes, however the most famous is the lavender fields in Provence. Individuals come from everywhere to see these fragrant fields in mid-June to the furthest limit of July before they are reaped in August. We have investigated the best areas for your elopement, wedding, or proposal session so you can get the most from your excursion to Provence!

Photography- Cecile Creiche

Near Montélimar you can find these astounding and perpetual lavender fields. This is just about 90 minutes from Marseille, which makes for an incredible road trip.

The Valensole level, which is close to Riez and Forcalquier, is an extraordinary spot where you can visit goliath fields and then travel to Riez to see the remaining parts of a first century Roman sanctuary. There is even a Fete de la Lavande in August!

Photography- Ingrid Lepan

Another delightful area, Sault-en-Provence is roosted over the fields so you can get an incredible all-encompassing perspective over the columns of lavender in the fields. The drive to this fantasy area is extremely beautiful around Ferrassières and Aurel. Additionally, this area appears to sprout later than the rest, so it is a pleasant spot to go in the event that you come around the end of the season.

Not far from Sault you can visit the middle age ridge town of Gordes which has lavender fields close by and the town is truly stunning too.

Photography- Ingrid Lepan

Simiane-la-Rotonde is a curious lovely town encompassed by lavender fields with an archaic manor in the town.

One of the well-known areas for wedding photographs with lavender is Abbey de Senanque, which is a really lovely monastery.

Photography- Marina Millepied

Searching for a more private area? Travel toward the north of Provence close to La Roche Saint Secret, Bouvières, and Saint Ferréol. These fields are on steep inclines which gives a unique vibe to seeing these florals.

Individuals of Provence truly love everything about lavender. There are two celebrations in Digne-les-Bains in August called the Corso de la Lavande and Foire de la Lavande where you can purchase anything your heart wants with this scent.

Photography- Marina Millepied

Don’t forget that lavender season is the busiest time in Provence, so book your accommodation and travel co-ordinations early!

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