Madeira, the sublime island where you would love to land to celebrate your wedding

If you want to know why you have to celebrate your wedding in Madeira, in this post we tell you everything you need to savoir. We are sure you want to go to Portugal right now!

Did you know that after being discovered the islands of Madeira were forgotten for centuries? But how could this happen with the sheer beauty they have? This wouldn’t happen to us at Perfect Venue because we would take advantage of every spot for you to have an unforgettable wedding in Madeira!

This is an archipelago that is bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, belonging to Portugal, which consists of two main and inhabited islands (Madeira and Porto Santo), and three smaller, uninhabited islands (the Desertas Islands).

Funchal is Madeira’s capital, which is located in the south of the island and where there is also the airport that receives flights from Lisbon, the capital of the country, and in just an hour and a half!

We have already told you that these islands are extremely beautiful, that they are surrounded by crystal clear waters and it’s very easy to reach them, but we have much more! That’s why below, we tell you all the keys to celebrate your wedding in Madeira.

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The best time for your wedding in Madeira…

Anytime! Indeed, its always mild climate, ranges from 26º in summer to 16º in winter and it welcomes tourists during all times of the year.

Madeira is a paradise to marry, both for those couples who want to escape the cold and for those who want to also avoid the scorching heat of summer. The weather is perfect!

Your ceremony on the coast

Because those beaches, viewpoints and cliffs have a magnificent beauty! The warm colors of the rocks of the cliffs stand out over the blue of the sea and the tones that shape the sunset are absolutely beautiful.

This is a place with spectacular views that would be perfect for your photos! One of our favorite spots is Almada, overlooking the bay of Funchal and where you can see the statue of Christ the King, very similar to the Rio de Janeiro and Cabo Girão’s one, where is the second highest cliff in the world. 600 meters of water falling non-stop! It’s a big wedding!

Beside the beaches you can also find natural pools of salt water and crystal clear that are a totally paradisiacal place with perfect views to promise an eternal love.

Vida Mar Madeira - Perfect Venue
VidaMar, Madeira

Your wedding can takes place also inside!

Madeira is not only water, sand, rocks and cliffs. Madeira has also a completely different landscape from the coast: the mountains, the forests, the agricultural terraces, the parks and the gardens.

A series of places whose landscapes will carry away you immediately to a movie scene, such as the lush forests of Laurisilva, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, native flowers of all shapes and colors, swans, ducks…

Enter in the exoticism of Madeira to say “I do” to your partner!

A very tropical feast

The fact is that Madeira, as a good tropical island, has typical products of the area, such as exotic fruits, swordfish or tuna.

But if there is a dish par excellence that carry off the laurels, it’s the espetada which is veal meat cooked over the heat with garlic and salt on the grill that crumbles like a pincho moruno.

Therefore, at your feast, you can’t miss typical food from Faja do Padres or Cámara de Lobos, two of the most appetizing regions of Madeira.

The best places to get married are in Madeira

Vida Mar Madeira - Perfect Venue

For example, the Vidamar Resort Madeira is one of the most luxurious and modern hotels on the island because it has modern architecture and a contemporary and avant-garde decoration.

Its 15000 m2 of outdoor spaces features salt water pools and exotic gardens, so you can celebrate your wedding outdoors and on the ocean’s shores.

At Vidamar Resort Madeira is both allowed to celebrate intimate weddings with a few loved ones, and with hundreds of guests.

The hotel offers the bride and grooms a room for their wedding night, moreover the couple can enjoy sports facilities, spa, water activities and even museums, which are located very close to the resort, such as that of art, of natural history of Funchal or of Cristiano Ronaldo.

You can’t ask for more!

Sightseeing is essential during your stay

You may not leave the island with your partner without first entering the Caves of Sao Vicente, the volcanic caves. You also may not stop strolling around the cobblestones of the Rua de Santa María, and contemplate its printed art, or taste the dry and excellent wine of Madeira, in Cámara de Lobos.

Another thing you can’t miss is visiting the oldest lighthouse on the island, in the village of Machico, where you can also take a boat ride, surf, snorkeling or scuba diving. And don’t forget to take a dip in the natural pools of Puerto Moniz!

In Madeira, you will find a natural and incomparable beauty to enjoy during the days of your wedding stay.

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What’s the cost of a wedding in this country?

Very cheap because both flights, accommodation and catering have very affordable prices for all budgets when traveling!

On top of that, thanks to the hiring of your Wedding Planner, which has the best wedding providers in Portugal, you will have nothing to worry about: photographers, decoration, hairdresser and make-up, DJ… she will make the best budget and the most economical for you!

So yes, Madeira is for you! Because you will get an exclusive wedding and the sea of luxury and a great budget.

The requirements to get married in Portugal, are very simple!

As you read, in addition to the fact that in Portugal civil weddings of the same sex are allowed and are official you marry in the region in which you marry so the paperwork isn’t complicated at all!

In this article, we tell you, so you can find out for yourself what it is you need to get married in Portugal

Now all you need to do is contact Perfect Venue! And head to the west of the peninsula to walk down the aisle.

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