Best accounts and boards that you can follow on Pinterest if you are looking for wedding inspiration!

If the organisation of your wedding is approaching, Pinterest will become your greatest help. Read this article and find out why!

If the organisation of your wedding is approaching, Pinterest will become your greatest help! And no, we’re not exaggerating, read on and find out why! 

And, whether you are looking for unique wedding dresses, the lasts trends in hairstyles, appropriate makeup, types of decoration, different cakes or special destinations for the honeymoon, you will find it! On Pinterest you will find everything!

This platform has become one of our favourites when it comes to getting inspired for a wedding, that’s why we have selected the best accounts (and their respective boards) so you can start following them right away!

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These are the best Pinterest boards that will inspire you for a wedding:

Perfect Venue finder Mallorca
Photo via Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz 

We couldn’t start with any other account but ours, on it you’ll find EVERYTHING. We don’t stop sharing the latest trends that are emerging so that you always know what is happening. Browse our board and get all the inspiration you need!

Follow our account here:


Another of the high-quality accounts is Hitched, they don’t just have wedding boards in general, but you will also be able to find plenty of boards organised according to the theme of the wedding, places, dresses, etc. So, if you are planning your wedding, this is an account that you must follow!

Follow this account here: 

Storyboard Wedding

On Storyboard Wedding you will only find beautiful real weddings, so this Pinterest account can become one of your indispensable apps when looking for all kinds of inspiration. You can’t miss their “Elegance of Table Setting” board! It is magical, and therefore our favourite.

Follow this account here:

Etsy Weddings 

The perfect place you are looking for to explore all things weddings. With the Etsy Weddings pinboard you have everything you need: from hairstyle and wardrobe inspiration to real wedding photographs, they will blow your mind!

Follow this account here:

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

Rebecca Carpenter, a wedding photographer, shares all the amazing photos of weddings, engagement parties, etc that she captures all over the world. After seeing them we are sure that you will know how you want to be photographed on your big day! It’s a brainstorm!

Follow this account here:

Laurel Weddings 

Laurel Weddings is a Manchester wedding florist company, but on their Pinterest account you will not just find this decorative element, but a great collection of all kinds of wedding decorations. You cannot miss two of their boards: the one with geometrical decorations and the one with pancakes.

Follow this account here:

Revelry Events Wedding Planners 

If you want your wedding to be unique, run to this account to see endless royal weddings, the latest trends, colour palettes…The best thing is that they are weddings with a daring, fun and eclectic style, for the most jovial and risky!

Follow this account here:

Katrina Otter Weddings 

With her elegant and timeless weddings, this British wedding planner makes her Pinterest board one of the most sought after. See for yourself the opulent weddings that she designs and be inspired by her way of decorating every corner.

Follow this account here:

These are the best Pinterest boards that will inspire you for your destination wedding venue:

Photo via Perfect Venue

Perfect Venue Finder 

The best account to find the best venues, you can’t miss a single board! With them you’ll not only be able to discover the most exclusive venues in all of Spain, but they are also organised by the type of wedding: on the beach, in the countryside, in castles, in cities, etc. Not only will the venues amaze you, but so will the wedding dresses, the decoration, bouquets…you have everything!

Follow this account here:

Wedding Venue by Once Wed

On Once Wed they have recapped the most impressive venues they have seen over the years, (and where they have carried out numerous weddings) to post them on their Pinterest account. Yes, on its board you will see that you will not lack inspiration to find the place where you want to celebrate your wedding.

Follow this account here:

Urban Wedding Venues

At Urban Wedding Venues, Martha Stewart will give you all the advice you need about the best wedding venues around the world. That’s right, all around the world! Venues in New York, in Brooklyn, in botanical gardens, in churches, on the shores of a lake, in the middle of a forest…whatever you want!

Follow this account here:

These are the best Pinterest boards that will inspire you for your decoration:

Photography – Pablo Laguia

London Bride

A wedding in London? Then we have found the account that you are going to visit the most, since on it you will see everything related to weddings in London and a lot of flowers. London Bride is a great place to search for ideas to get married in this city. It is also perfect for anyone who wants to travel to this destination, because on its boards are the most emblematic sites of the capital of England!

Follow this account here:

Style Me Pretty

Do you want to know what flowers and what decoration is best for you to organise your tables? Well, this account is the one you need. In addition to inspiring you for your centrepieces, this board will also inspire you for the combination of colours, flowers and themes for your wedding.

Follow this account here:

Babooche Calligraphy 

For ideas on calligraphy for your stationery, cutlery, table names, wedding posters and more: Babooche. On this account there are boards with many types of decoration and colours for your wedding that you can’t imagine.

Follow this account here:

The House Meadow

Are you getting married in the countryside, in a barn or anywhere with a touch of rusticity? Surely this is your favourite account. The House Meadow is a barn in Kent, so don’t doubt that you are going to come up with excellent ideas for rustic weddings.

Follow this account here:

These are the best Pinterest boards that will inspire you for your wedding dress:

Berta Privée Fall 2020


Berta Brides is one of our favourite accounts, as we love to see what brides look like in their dresses. On their boards you will discover all their new collections and a lot of stylish appearances that will make you also want to become the centre of all eyes. 

Follow this account here:

Snippet & Ink 

This US wedding account has a variety of boards on its Pinterest account and therefore a lot of dresses of all kinds, from iconic designs of recent years, to different colours and photos of bridal designer runways. For brides of all kinds!

Follow this account here:

Stone Fox Bride

The Stone Fox Bride boards bring together the best of bridal fashion, from images or celebrities who have made history with their dresses to designer dresses that never came to light. For the best dress, look to Stone Fox Bride for inspiration.

Follow this account here:

Kenneth Winston

This bridal space is a great place to start if you are looking for classic designer wedding dresses. Their Pinterest boards are organised in different seasons, which means that you can see all the dresses past and present.

Follow this account here:

The Wedding Club 

With offices in London and Birmingham, The Wedding Club is one of the UK’s most popular bridal clothing boutiques. Its Pinterest account won’t let you down but will do the opposite! It won’t fail to inspire you with its wedding images of all times. 

Follow this account here:

David’s Bridal

 From classic wedding dresses to more daring or beachy dresses, the proposals of David’s Bridal boards are really useful to look at over and over again and thus find the dress that you like the most according to the theme of your wedding.

Follow this account here:

These are the best Pinterest boards that will inspire you for your hairstyle and makeup:

Photography – Brooke Shannon Photography

Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings is more of an account where you will find a bit of everything, but many of their boards focus on inspiring you when choosing your hairstyle and makeup. Spending hours on Bridal Musings will be worth it, and you won’t even realise how quickly time flies when looking at their photos!

Follow this account here:

BHLDN Wedding Hair

This account, from the Anthropologie wedding platform, offers hairstyles that look amazing. You will find your style for sure, because they have more elegant and elaborate hairstyles and more sober and simple hairstyles, and many accessories to accompany your look!

Follow the account here:

Into the Gloss

Into the Gloss is one of the most sought-after beauty publishers on the web, behind the cult brand Glossier, known for channelling beauty in an understated and subtle way. A perfect Pinterest account if you are looking for discreet makeup looks.

Follow this account here:


Hershesons is a great account to find general hairstyle inspiration, in case this is your case and you want to get married with a slightly less “bridal” hairstyle. Pigtails, plaits, half-up, loose…there are many styles on their boards, but their plaits are clearly the winners.

Follow this account here:

These are the best Pinterest boards that will inspire you for the bouquet:

An Autumnal Wedding Packed with Entertainment at Kingdom in Kent - Perfect Venue
Photo Via Darina Stoda Photography

Lavender Green Flowers

Do you want to see what flowers are in fashion at weddings today? Well, Lavender Green Flowers is known as one of the best luxury florists in London. Their boards are filled with their incredibly beautiful and elegant designs.

Follow this account here:


The most beautiful flower arrangements you have ever seen are on Pinterest at Bloominghaus, a London florist. In it you will discover everything from centrepieces to bouquets. If you like any of their flowers, go tell them what you’ve seen so they can make you one just like it!

Follow the account here:

Dusky Blooms 

This Pinterest account is small but very well crafted. It has several boards with some awesome pins that are sure to give you some alternative and extravagant ideas. Our favourites are the boho flower board and bright flowers. Surely they are yours too!

Follow this account here:

Once Wed

The wedding bouquet board on the Once Wed account is truly divine. The images are truly breath-taking and will fill you with inspiration, with a huge range of flowers! Whatever it is you want to carry in your hands, you will find it here.

Follow this account here:

Flowers by Suzanne

Are you looking for a sustainable and ecological bouquet option? Florist Flowers by Suzanne is the perfect choice. Their Pinterest account is full of all kinds of boards, with different themes and types of flowers for all tastes.

Follow this account here:  

Miriam Faith

The London luxury florist, run by Miriam Faith, is the place to go for a stunning bouquet for your big day. Take a look at their Pinterest boards! Whether you’re looking for flower ideas for the bouquet, for the aisle, for floral arches, etc this is your place.

Follow this account here:

These are the best Pinterest boards that will inspire you for your wedding cake

Take a Look at This Beautiful Botanical Wedding Surrounded by Flowers in Manchester, England - Perfect Venue
Photo Via Taylar Jayde Photography


This board has it all: simple, lush, small, copious, large cakes…practically all types of cakes that you can think of and for all types of weddings. Shall we bet that you will find your perfect wedding cake on this account? 

Follow this account here:

Blossom & Crumb

The cakes on the Blossom & Crumb account not only look spectacular, but they also look like cakes that you will really get excited about eating. Whether it’s got blocks of colour or is covered in flowers, there are endless amazing options here.

Follow this account here:

The Frosted Petticoat

The most desired board on Pinterest is the ‘Fancy Pants Cakes’ board by Frosted Petticoat, it’s a real treasure! If you want your cake to be a never seen before cake and leave everyone drooling, literally, head to this account now to discover the latest in luxury cakes.

Follow this account here:

Caroline Cucciolina

This is not strictly a wedding cake account, but it covers everything related to baking with some spectacular creations. From rich chocolate cakes to apple cider caramel creations. The ‘Celebrations’ board is the one that will surely seduce you. 

Follow this account here:

Cakes Decor

If you are looking for an extravagant cake, this board will be an especially useful resource for you, as it is literally full of them. It is full of cakes in shiny metallic tones. It will make you hungry just by looking at it!

Follow this account here:

Whisk & Drizzle

Cakes that bring together the latest trends fill this account, and we love it because all their cakes are innovative, with marble, geometric designs, etc. Besides being extremely delicious!

Follow this account here:

These are the best accounts that will inspire you for your honeymoon:

Photo by Jasper Wedding Photographer

Mr and Mrs Smith

Mr and Mrs Smith are experts in knowing how to get the most out of luxury trips, which is why this account is a great resource for planning your honeymoon. This Pinterest account has a great variety of specific boards about honeymoons, are you more interested in Italy, Greece, India or Japan?

Follow this account here:

Suitcase Magazine

Suitcase Magazine is one of the coolest places online to find all things travel, so you can rely on its Pinterest board to capture some of the best places on the planet. In addition to their specific honeymoon board, they have other destinations to travel to around the world, even if it’s not your honeymoon. So you can travel whatever the reason may be!

 Follow this account here:

Honeymoon Always

This is an amazing account for newlyweds as it is specifically designed for this very purpose, rather than being more about travel in general, it is about honeymoons. In addition, you will receive a lot of advice on how to plan your trip, where to go and what to do when you reach your destination.

Honeymoon Always has it all!

Follow this account here:

Atlas Obscura 

What we love about this account are the boards that have real photos that they have captured themselves while travelling. Photographs in which, from the sofa at home, you can explore the aquatic wonders of the world, observe bridges and amazing landscapes in countless different locations. It’s not just about countries, it’s also about having experiences!

Follow this account here:

What are you waiting for to follow all of these accounts on Pinterest and start dreaming? Surely with them you will find the inspiration you need, and if not…the Perfect Venue blog will be your perfect complement!

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