Three Reasons Why Deposits for Wedding Suppliers are Non-Refundable

This article will tell you exactly why it is important for wedding suppliers to receive a non-refundable deposit!

When beginning the wedding planning process, many couples find themselves shocked at the fact that wedding suppliers will only accept non-refundable deposits. For something as complex as wedding planning, this can be quite a big issue to tackle since most people like to be flexible with their organisation and design. Once you pay for something from a wedding supplier, you cannot make changes and will have to stick with it for your wedding.

But why are you unable to have flexibility with the choices you make for your special day? Well, keep reading because this article will tell you exactly why it is important for wedding suppliers to receive a non-refundable deposit!

  1. Last Minute Cancellations

Statistics show that 20% of weddings are called off, which equates to one cancellation in every five clients. This creates a big loss in profits for companies whose purpose is to supply for weddings, which can impact their business so drastically that their business has to close. Therefore, a non-refundable deposit is a form of backup insurance to protect them from the number of clients who unfortunately have to cancel.

  1. Switching Suppliers

When planning a wedding, couples want as much flexibility as they can get, since the process takes so long, and they like to change their minds along the way. Couples can have as much flexibility as they need when it comes to design, colours, layout and styles, but not when it comes to suppliers.

This is because the wedding suppliers put their heart and soul into planning weddings; they are professionals who dedicate their time to helping couples achieve what they want. For this reason, suppliers require a non-refundable deposit so that no money is wasted on resources and working hours.

  1. Weekend Availability

Anyone who works in the wedding industry knows that weekends are important dates with limited availability. This means that if somebody changes their supplier with short notice, the original supplier quickly has to try and find a replacement for that weekend date. There are only four weekends in one month which makes up a quarter of the supplier’s monthly income, thus if there is a cancellation it is extremely important that they either find a replacement or rely on the original non-refundable deposit for their income.

Non-refundable deposits are essential for wedding suppliers since they provide them with an emergency income in the case of a cancellation. The only situation in which a client may feel it is absolutely necessary to ask for a deposit refund is when the supplier doesn’t carry out what they originally agreed to do. If they fail to meet deadlines and don’t achieve what they originally promised to produce, then you can justify requesting for a refund for your deposit. However, make sure that this is based on the original contract that they agreed to, not what you believe they should be doing! It is important to base this request off your contract with them, so make sure you document it well.

Although weddings are full of excitement and happiness, you should keep in mind that they are also a big financial responsibility and professionalism is necessary for it to be carried out successfully!

Make sure that you pick the right wedding supplier from the beginning, but don’t let the financial aspects put you off using their services. Wedding suppliers are professionals who dedicate their time and effort to your wedding and will help you throughout the planning process to make your wedding as perfect as you want it to be!

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