The 5 best wedding venues in Segovia

Wedding venues in Segovia. Here is a small and exclusive selection of places for your wedding in Segovia.

Here is a small and exclusive selection of places for your wedding in Segovia where it would be a fantastic and unique idea, places where you can stay and of course spend a dream weekend. 

This way you will be able to know the best places, imagine a walk through the Plaza Mayor of Segovia, visit the aqueduct of Segovia or any activity you can imagine. Stay for the whole weekend in some of these places and enjoy an unforgettable experience. 

La Estación

La Estación - Perfect Venue
La Estación

It is located in the village of Otero de Herreros, in the Sierra de Guadarrama, very close to the capital of Spain, 35 minutes away. It has a capacity for 120 guests. 

The two people in charge of La Estación are Cristina Rodríguez and Jorge Pascual. This characteristic space follows the famous urban and industrial line. When it became most fashionable was in the 50’s by some young New Yorkers. 

The enclosure has numerous naves, on the outside a courtyard and inside another. The good thing is that if you want to perform a religious ceremony in this place you have the possibility because in the village we have several churches for it. 

Casería de Aldeallana

Casería de Aldeallana - Perfect Venue
Casería de Aldeallana

It is located on the N-110 road, 75 km from Madrid and 18 kilometers from Segovia, making it ideal to enjoy the weekend staying at your hotel and thus make the most of the wedding. 

This hotel is a boutique, the old farmhouse was converted, it belongs to the year 1800. It belongs to the Pérez Durías family, so you have to contact them for the availability of the premises. The person in charge of the decoration is Isabel López Quesada, a specialist in it. The enclosure has an agro-chip style which gives it a touch of personality. 

Las Margas

Las Margas - Perfect Venue
Las Margas

It is located in the town of Madrona. It has a capacity for 400 guests. 

This is an old farmhouse dating back to the 17th century, converted into a unique, exclusive estate with a Mediterranean and Provençal flair. 

It has a patio conditioned for the celebration and reception of guests at the ceremony, also has gardens located on the outside, is crossed by a river. 

The advantage is the availability of accommodation so that both the bride and groom and the guests can stay for the weekend and enjoy themselves to the fullest. 

Abadía de Párraces

Abadía de Párraces - Perfect Venue
Abadía de Párraces

It is located in the municipality of Bercial, just 20 minutes from the province of Segovia and 50 minutes from Madrid. 

It is formed by 2 different cloisters, one of them can hold 400 people and the other one more than 500 people. It also has a main hall where more than 500 people can enter as well as in one of the cloisters.  

One of the advantages of this abbey is that they have different suppliers with whom the bride and groom can choose from a wide range of suppliers. 

De Natura

De Natura - Perfect Venue
De Natura

Located in Pedraza, this is one of the best places for your wedding in Segovia. 

This enclosure is a palace belonging to the Marquis of Pineda, belongs to the seventeenth century. In the 70’s it was rebuilt by Paco Muñoz and was preserved in this form until 2011. 

The site has 3 floors of approximately 1,000 meters and of course an incredible garden with views. 

After several years of experience in the realization and celebration of weddings this space is ideal in addition to having specialized experts in this. 

We hope you have found these wedding venues in Segovia that we have chosen carefully considering that they are some of the most special. And of course we hope you find the place that best suits your tastes and preferences. 

We hope that in this way all your expectations will be fulfilled and your dreams will come true with the help of their different professional experts in the realization of this type of ceremonies. 

Don’t forget that if you would like more information about weddings in any other part of Castilla y León you can access our website and enjoy many more unique and exclusive venues. 

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