The 10 French Wedding Dress Designers You Need to Know About!

Are you searching for your ideal French wedding dress? Here are 10 French wedding gown designers you need to know about…
Photography for- Laure de Sagazan

Are you searching for your ideal French wedding dress? Here are 10 French wedding gown designers you need to know about…

Photography for- Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky is known for her savage femininity, making dresses that stand apart from others for entirely the correct reasons. Grasping Parisienne style her dresses are unashamedly beautiful and are generally hand crafted in France with an emphasis on smoothness and trim.

Photography for- Alesandra Paris

Alesandra Paris

Alesandra Paris is a style designer and one of our 10 French wedding dress designers to know about; who has been educated in design schools and colleges in France and the UK. After not being able to find her perfect dress for her wedding, she made her own wedding dress and from that point forward has become hopelessly enamoured with wedding dress designing and established her label in Paris in 2012. Alesandra tries to make wedding gowns that are basic, exquisite and advanced, yet she uses the highest calibre of materials and craftsmanship. By consolidating the cutting-edge style, with a vintage contact and consideration regarding subtleties, she plans to make each wedding dress exceptional and stand-out.

Photography for- Laure de Sagazan

Laure de Sagazan

Laure de Sagazan redefines the present and the upcoming brides. Tuning in to ladies’ longings, Laure gladly offers refined outlines, planning to uncover our inward character and highlight our magnificence: dresses to be yourself in.

Photography for- Delphine Manivet

Delphine Manivet

Regardless of whether you are searching for bohemian magnificence, Parisian excitement or a trace of retro impact, this designer is an absolute necessity. As a French wedding dress creator who has made numerous superstar dresses including Lily Allen, Delphine Manivet truly permits any bride’s style to investigate her ladylike traits in an advanced and jazzy manner.

Photography for- Celestina Agostino

Celestina Agostino

Celestina Agostino makes uniquely designed wedding dresses in the core of Paris. She’s known for her instinctive way in dealing with design. Every conference begins with a meeting so Celestina can become more acquainted with her customer and make an outfit that coordinates her character making her administration extra unique.

Photography for- Constance Fournier

Constance Fournier

Creator of uniquely crafted wedding outfits – The House of Constance Fournier makes remarkable wedding dresses. Connected to the values of French Art and Craftsmanship, the design house, situated in Touraine, has been making extraordinary and specially crafted gowns since 2005.

Photography for-Alexandra Grecco

Alexandra Grecco

Grecco states that she configures outfits for the ones who needs to wear a dress that feels inconceivably extraordinary, however it is agreeable, and above all makes the bride feel like herself while she is wearing it.

Photography for-Fanny Liautard

Fanny Liautard

Fanny Liautard started her vocation at Givency in 1970 and proceeded onward to work with probably the most famous brand names in French and global design, for example, Lapidus, Balenciaga, Cerruti, Folie d’elodie, Infinitif and Gloria Vanderbilt.

Photography for-Fabienne Algama

Fabienne Algama

Fabienne’s wonderful regard for detail, utilisation of trim and open backs all joined with an enormous portion of loosened up fun are the ideal French wedding dresses.

Photography for-Paolo Corona

Paolo Corona

Paolo’s plans can be portrayed as “oversimplified” yet unpredictable. He loves to make pieces that offer the customer the capacity to play and wear as she wishes. Dress trains can disengage and transform into a cape, undetectable zippers permit a lady of the hour to go from long to short and other energising customisations that yield an end result explicit to the ladies taste and perpetually welcome in her closet.

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