Wedding celebrations in Ibiza

Wedding celebrations in Ibiza. Without a shadow of a doubt, Ibiza is one the best destinations to get married thanks to its astonishing wedding places.

Ibiza is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for getting married thanks to its incredible wedding venues, and there are an infinite number of spaces to choose from!

When choosing your wedding venue, it’s important that you like the space, but even more important that it offers the quality and service you expect.

Ready to discover the best wedding venues in Ibiza? Let’s get started!


Ibiza has more than 20 churches, all of them unique and special. These churches stand out above all for their typical white colour and architecture. Because of their small size, getting married in a church is synonymous with a warm and intimate ceremony.

What’s more, they are usually far from the city, in small villages offering magnificent views and scenery.

  • Cathedral of Santa María:
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Cathedral of Santa María

Located at the top of the Dalt Vila, 10 minutes from the city centre and 20 minutes from the airport, it offers spectacular views over the port and the city. Once inside, you’ll be impressed by the decor, both its simplicity and its beauty. The downside is that it is virtually impossible to reach the entrance by car due to the narrowness of the streets. However, customers will be able to park in a car park a little further down the street.

  • Church of Santa Eulalia
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Church of Santa Eulalia

It’s a white church overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the village of Santa Eulalia, surrounded by cactus and pine trees, just 10 minutes from Ibiza and its airport. We do, however, recommend that you park in the village and walk up the hill, as walking up to the church is difficult.

  • Church of San Lorenzo
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Church of San Lorenzo

If you want to celebrate your ceremony away from civilisation, this small church with ample parking and outdoor space is perfect for you. It’s also just 20 minutes from the airport and the city centre.

  • Church of Es Cubells
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Church of Es Cubells

It is situated on the edge of a cliff, which is perfect for a photo shoot with the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Formentera in the background. Parking is no problem either, as there are several parking areas. Finally, it’s just 20 minutes from the city and the airport, which is ideal.


As regards restaurants, Ibiza offers a wide variety, from the more traditional for simple weddings to the more trendy. It’s best to choose an establishment with experience or good references rather than one that’s just pretty.

  • Experimental beach
Experimental beach
Experimental beach

Located in the Las Salinas nature reserve, this is the ideal location for your wedding if you dream of celebrating it in a typically Iberian setting. You’ll enjoy breathtaking sunsets that will add a special touch to your wedding. What’s more, you won’t need much decoration if you have the seafront at your feet. Not to mention its capacity for 250 people and its team, who will help you allocate the different moments of the wedding to different areas of the restaurant to make this the most special day of your life.

  • Elixir Shore Club
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Elixir Shore Club

Thanks to its location, right next to the Codolar cove, this space offers beautiful views of the crystal-clear waters of the sea. What’s more, if you need help organising your wedding, a team of event organisers will be on hand to help. The ceremony can take place on the terrace, the aperitif in the relaxation area and the banquet can be organised on the porch or indoors, but that’s not all! Elixir Shore Club invites you to gather your guests on the beach, celebrate the wedding and then embark on a private boat to admire the sunset while sipping champagne.

  • La Escollera:
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La Escollera

This restaurant is located in the middle of the Salinas nature reserve, with breathtaking views of the island of Formentera, the Mediterranean Sea and the Platja des Cavallet. The wedding ceremony takes place at Punta de la Escollera, from which the restaurant takes its name. The menu is exclusive and open to any suggestions or changes the bride and groom may wish to make. It is also 10 minutes from the airport and half an hour from the centre of Ibiza.

  • Cotton Beach Club 
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Cotton Beach Club

The ideal place to celebrate a wedding in Ibiza is undoubtedly this one, especially if your dream is to have it facing the sea. Located in the bay of Cala Tarida, surrounded by white sand and clear turquoise water, it offers you the chance to celebrate a private wedding in a unique and elegant setting. It also boasts a terrace with panoramic views for the banquet and a perfectly decorated indoor dining room capable of accommodating up to 400 guests.

  • CBbC
celebración de bodas ibiza - Perfect Venue

This romantic venue is 20 km from the airport and 23 km from the city centre, where you can hold a wedding for up to 600 people. The civil ceremony can take place on the cliff with the sunset in the background and the cocktail reception or dinner on the beach.

  • Amante
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This is an impressive restaurant in the heart of Sol d’en Serra. Located in the heart of a natural park, surrounded by dense forests, it offers breathtaking views that will make you fall in love with it. It is spread over three levels: the main bar and restaurant, the beach bar and the beach area. Each creates a unique, intimate and natural atmosphere, perfect for every moment of your day. The hotel is also very close to the city centre and the airport, just 23 minutes away.


In Ibiza you’ll find hotels of all kinds, from the most rural to the most exclusive and modern. If you’re dreaming of an elegant yet intimate wedding, a rural agriturismo is a great option. Or if you prefer a more exclusive and luxurious celebration, a modern hotel will be ideal for you.

  • Hotel Santos Ibiza Coast Suites
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Hotel Santos Ibiza Coast Suites

If your dream is to celebrate your wedding in a place where the fresh scent of the night blends with the magic of the sea, this majestic hotel is perfect for you. It has ideal spaces for the wedding banquet, a very elegant bar, an exquisite menu, the best cocktails on the island and an unbeatable atmosphere with the best live music, all surrounded by magnificent pools overlooking the sea. And as if that wasn’t enough, it’s just 7 minutes from the city centre and the airport!

  • Ca Na Xica
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Ca Na Xica

This is a rural hotel located in Sant Miquel de Balasant, 20 minutes from Ibiza airport. It is an old finca that has been refurbished in order to offer guests an authentic Ibizan experience with all the luxuries and comforts possible. It is a privileged location, with 620m² of house and 8 hectares of land that will allow you to personalise the most special moments, such as the ceremony. In addition, this hotel has gardens that are perfect for the banquet or civil wedding, and event organisers who will help and advise you at all times.

  • Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel
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Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel

This hotel, located 20 minutes from the city centre and the airport, is mainly used to celebrate weddings and has 112 rooms, allowing guests to stay overnight. It has a perfect space to celebrate the wedding, the cocktail can be organized in the Roof top Chill out with the sunset and the sea in the background, and finally the dinner in the wedding hall, with a catering service that offers a wide range of menus. The hotel also has a decoration department.

  • Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort
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Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort

With perfect communication and breathtaking views, this hotel in Talamanca will be the ideal place to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza. You can prepare and rest in its rooms, but there are also other areas to celebrate the different moments of the day, such as the cliff area, the dome area, the swimming pool and the indoor restaurant.

  • Hacienda Na Xamena
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Hacienda Na Xamena

It is located in one of the last unspoilt areas on the entire European ecological map, in the heart of a natural area with exceptional flora and fauna. With a 2 km coastline of pine forests and 180 metres above sea level, it boasts 77 suites and rooms, banqueting and meeting rooms, a chill out restaurant and a gourmet restaurant, an indoor and outdoor spa, solarium terraces, three swimming pools, and much more. But for the ceremony, we recommend the amphitheatre, which is located outside and offers incomparable views of the Mediterranean Sea.


Renting a villa to celebrate your wedding is a great option. You’ll be able to enjoy a beautiful and unique landscape with all the comforts and details that a luxury villa can offer.

The villas themselves can offer a range of options and can already be managed, but it is also possible to choose the music, catering, decorations, etc.

  • Isara
celebración de bodas ibiza - Perfect Venue

This magnificent villa in Cala Moli offers you one of the best spaces to celebrate your wedding. It has an extended covered terrace that you can personalise as you wish to celebrate the banquet, terraces, a swimming pool and direct access to the sea, where the sunsets are fabulous. It is 15 minutes from the airport, 25 minutes from the city and just 500 metres from Cala Moni beach.

  • Villa Jumali
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Villa Jumali

It covers an area of 300 m² and is surrounded by tropical and Mediterranean vegetation. Outside, there is a huge terrace that connects all the rooms and has been prepared for an unforgettable wedding. It is the ideal place to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Porroig peninsula and Formentera.

  • Sa Ferradura
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Sa ferradura

It is located on a small 35,000 m² peninsula in the Bay of San Miguel, 22 kilometres from Ibiza town. It sits on a minimalist peninsula in the shape of a horseshoe, hence its name. It can be reached by road or by boat and, year after year, it becomes one of the best villas in Europe. Dozens of famous families are on the waiting list for holidays in this little corner of paradise.

  • Casa Sun
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Casa sun

This minimalist-styled villa was built on several levels at the foot of the hill and has a very spacious dining room with large windows, perfect for a magnificent banquet and for enjoying the view. It is also less than 15 minutes from the beach and airport.

  • celebración de bodas ibiza - Perfect Venue
    Can Tyane

This is another of the best villas for weddings in Ibiza and now you will understand why. This house was built in 2010 and has an area of 500m², which is completely surrounded by nature and has beautiful views of the sea and the salt flats. It is also equipped with all kinds of amenities, fireplace, air conditioning, swimming pool, parking, etc. and is located just under 15 minutes from downtown, the airport and the beach.


Getting married by the sea, with the sound of the waves in the background and the breeze caressing your skin, is what many brides and grooms dream of for their big day.

Here are a few beaches that are ideal for celebrating your wedding.

  • Cala Tarida
celebración de bodas ibiza - Perfect Venue
Cala Tarida

This beach is the longest in Ibiza and also one of the most beautiful, thanks to its fine white sand and turquoise waters. It has caves which, if you find them, are perfect for a photo session with them in the background. It is 21 km from Ibiza, 18 km from the airport and just 5 km from the nearest hotel.

  • Frente a Es Vedrà
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Frente a Es Vedrà

It has long been an object of desire on the island of eternal youth. The waves of the sea as a soundtrack, the sunset, your loved ones and the majestic Es Vedra on the horizon. Legends, special energies and even alleged UFO sightings surround it with an aura of mystery and magic. If you want to hold your wedding here, remember that the esplanade in front of Es Vedra is private property. However, NM Ibiza can help you organise the space for your big day.

  • Cala Xarraca
celebración de bodas ibiza - Perfect Venue
Cala Xarraca

It’s a cove with waters so crystal-clear that they seem unreal, and where you can take wonderful photos on the rope swing attached to a large rock overlooking the sea. The beach is around 26 km from the city centre, 32 km from the airport and 12 km from the Ca Na Xica hotel, mentioned above.

  • Sa Caleta
celebración de bodas ibiza - Perfect Venue
Sa Caleta

This beach stands out for its fishermen’s huts, crystal-clear waters and the ruins of a Phoenician village worth visiting. It is just 4 km from Ibiza airport and 10 km from the city, and it is easy to spend the night here, as the OM Hotels Ibiza hotel is just 1 km from the beach. However, if that’s not enough, there are plenty of other hotels just 13 minutes away.

After getting to know all these spectacular locations, we hope you’ve fallen in love with one of them, or at least have a clearer idea of where you’d like to hold your wedding in Ibiza, whether in a villa, on the beach, in a restaurant… We’re sure you’ll choose a wonderful venue that will leave no one indifferent!


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