Wedding proposal in Rome: The best places to pop the big question in “the eternal city”!

In this article we talk about the most emblematic, romantic and special places for a marriage proposal in Rome, that will make you want to repeat that moment, in which with just a “yes I do! made you the happiest person. 

If you have in mind to travel soon to Italy, and you want to plan your proposal in Rome, this is for you! Rome is a city full of enchanting landscapes and culinary delicacies.

The marriage proposal has to be a unique moment that reflects you both as a couple, that’s why a proposal in Rome will be a guaranteed success, because the city has wonderful spaces, iconic places and backdrops, there is so much variety that you won’t know which one to choose! 

So, if you think your partner is going to love it when you pop the big question in Rome, keep reading because here we show you the best places to make your proposal in Rome unforgettable, full of romance and luxury.

Wedding proposal in Rome: Trevi Fountain 

Strolling through the streets of Rome you may come across this well-known fountain, which is surrounded by gastronomy and culture. 

The Trevi Fountain is an iconic and romantic place to propose, besides being one of the most visited places, did you know that it is one of the most famous fountains in the world?

It is also known for throwing coins and making a wish, and if your wish is to get married you just have to throw three coins backwards and your wish will come true!

Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest
Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest

Proposal in Rome: The Roman Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum is the largest and most famous amphitheater of ancient Rome, considered a World Heritage Site. 

If you want to take the opportunity to have a proposal in Rome, in a place where great battles have taken place and is full of history, this is your place! 

You can also do it in the most intimate way, since there are hills where there are hardly any people and you can capture that moment with the Colosseum in the background and the sunset. No doubt your proposal in Rome would be the most romantic.

Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest
Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest

Wedding proposal in Rome: The Roman Forum

The Forum was the heart of all social, commercial and cultural activity in ancient Rome. 

It is located right next to the Roman Colosseum and around it there are numerous places for a marriage proposal such as the terrace, on the Palatine Hill. 

It is one of the least known spaces for a proposal in Rome, but you can make a difference in this space that few people know, since your proposal in Rome would have the most emblematic buildings of the whole city in the background. 

Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest
Wedding in Rome / Photo via Pinterest

Wedding proposal in Rome: Pincio Hill and Villa Borghese

The Pincio promenade is a balcony overlooking the Piazza del Popolo from the park of Villa Borghese. This idea of a wedding proposal in Rome offers a spectacular view of the city with a perfect sunset in the background. 

In addition to having beautiful gardens and fountains that you can walk around. The surrounding environment is magical and the only thing you will be able to say is “I do”.

Wedding proposal in Rome: The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps, known as La Piazza Di Spagna, is one of the most famous squares in Rome. The square features the famous staircase leading up to the church of Trinita Dei Monti and the Baroque fountain of the Barge, a unique setting for the big question!

It has a unique design and elegance that has made it an iconic landmark in Rome. Climb the steps and use the backdrop to take a knee and pop the big question – your partner won’t be able to say no in a space as incredible as this!

Proposal in Rome: Aventine Hill and Walk in the Garden of Oranges 

Since it’s romantic places in Rome we’re looking for, climbing the Aventine Hill is something I highly recommend. Be prepared for an almost solitary and aromatic walk. If you access it from the Circus Maximus you will come across the rose garden, and this is just the beginning. 

The Aventine is crowned by the most exclusive villas of Rome and once at the top you must enter the Garden of Oranges, from where you will have one of the most exceptional panoramic views of Rome. Next to this garden is the Church of Santa Sabina, one of the oldest in the city, that’s why many couples choose it to get married, it’s a sure hit!

Wedding Proposal in Rome: Villa Medici

Very close to Via Margutta you should take the opportunity to visit Villa Medici. We recommend you to go at sunset to enjoy from its garden a very special perspective of Rome.

The place is very quiet and there is also the possibility of guided tours. One of the tours is a movie tour, since some of the scenes of Sorrentino’s film ‘The Great Beauty’ were filmed here. So your marriage proposal in Rome will look like a movie.

Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest
Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest

Proposal in Rome: Santa Maria in Cosmedin

Coming down from the Aventine, I advise you to pass by Santa Maria in Cosmedin, you may want to have your photo taken at the Mouth of Truth. According to legend, if you put your hand in your mouth and tell a lie, the mouth will close. What better place for a sincere marriage?

Then don’t forget to enter this beautiful Byzantine-influenced basilica. Among its relics is the skull of St. Valentine.

Wedding proposal in Rome: The Pantheon

It is an ancient Roman temple, nowadays, consecrated as a Catholic church. The Pantheon is one of the favorite places to propose in Rome. 

The imposing structure dominates the Piazza della Rotonda, the square in front of it. The interior of the Pantheon is beautiful and worth a visit, especially for history lovers! 

Wedding proposal in Rome: Gianicolo 

Gianicolo, also known as Janiculum, is a hill just outside the ancient city limits. 

From here you can see the Seven Hills of Rome, monuments, tons of domes, bell towers, churches and even St. Peter’s. This panoramic view is hard to beat, as you will have the entire city in the background.

Wedding proposal in Rome: The Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo

Start at Piazza del Popolo, then cross the bridge to Castel Sant’Angelo and walk along the river to St. Peter’s Square. This is one of our favorite walking routes in the city, and you are visiting some of the most romantic places in Rome.

Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest
Wedding proposal Rome / Photo via Pinterest

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