Valentín Paster tells us all about his passion: wedding photography

His photos are full of emotion and are natural, something which he considers fundamental when shooting a wedding. Here we will show you some of his great work!

The world of photography has been present in his life from his childhood, when he enjoyed playing with his grandad’s camera, who was also a photographer. We’re talking about Valentín Paster, a wedding photographer from Germany, who’s passion is telling love stories through his work.

Although he has lived in Germany for most of his life, Valentín was born in Moscow, so he speaks both languages perfectly, as well as English.

You only need to see his works to understand his specialism in capturing emotional moments completely naturally, since his objective is that the couple enjoy the day and appear how they truly are. In this interview we open the doors of his profession, and we recall everything about his history, work, passion and style.

How did you start your career as a photographer?

I had the luck of being born into a very creative family, which was dedicated to music, even if it was only on a personal level. My grandma made crafts out of wood, but my grandad dedicated himself to photography.

I grew up with cameras, lenses, and took part in the development of photos. However really I didn’t understand anything. About 5 years ago I got tired of working in the support area for several electronic products, I bought a camera, said goodbye to my previous work and learned how to take pictures. 

What do you like most about photographing an event as special as a wedding?

I would call myself a reportage photographer. The wedding day is the most multifaceted in the area of reportage. I like capturing moments, emotions and reaching them, relating to people. And during weddings there are so many different emotions throughout the day.
You are from Russia and you live in Germany, but you also travel around the world. What is the thing you like most about travelling to photograph weddings?
I love the unknown, I like adapting to new situations. I adore travelling and there is never anything more pleasant than having your hobby as your job and doing what I like most in beautiful places and with interesting people.
In addition, I love meeting people of different mentalities, cultures and experiencing their parties.

What is the main difference that you have noted between a German wedding and a foreign wedding?

In reality, Germany is such a multicultural country, so it’s not always necessary to go to another place to work on a foreign wedding. You find all sorts of weddings: Italians and Russians, an Indian bride and a German groom, Arabs and Turks, Russian and German weddings, couples from Asia and Australia, etc.
When I take photos abroad, I get a feeling of being on holiday. I mean the feeling that people get when they’re in another country. This eliminates blockages to show emotions in the whole environment, including photos which become more honest, sincere and lively.

How would you define your style?

Crazy emotional wedding. I like to make people to feel emotions and capture this in images. I am against staged photos with frozen figures. Of course, wedding reportage photos should contain some of these shots, as they add romance and peace. But, above all, I want to show real photographs, that are sometimes wild, which show emotions. For that reason, I communicate with a couple, I go around with them holding hands, I run and I fall. In a few words I want the photos to say: we are having fun! But also paying attention to the wedding details that were carefully planned by the couple and the organisers. I am sensitive and understanding with the guests, and I become a part of them. This allows me to take spontaneous and sincere images.

Tell us about a moment in your career which you consider special and why.

I cant even remember =) Each wedding day is full of so many moments and it’s difficult to choose just one.

You work in a lot of countries, which is why you speak different languages, how do you face this challenge? Have you ever had any difficulty in communicating with a client?

I haven’t had communication problems, as I speak Russian, English and German. Above all, it is very fun when the couple is from different countries and I can speak with each of them in their maternal language. But even sometimes words are superfluous, since what is important is the level of understanding, gestures and emotions. The empathy and the feeling that I get from the couple is how I know what they are looking for.

What is your way of working from when the couple first contacts you until the wedding day arrives? Especially if it is a destination wedding…

First we meet, normally through Skype, or in person. I tell them how I work and what I can do with my photos, what I can express in my work…This is important, because the presentation and expectations should coincide. Most of the time, the people who hire me appreciate my work, my story, and the real emotions which transmit through my photos. We review the plan for the wedding day and will see what volume of reportages they would like to receive.
The price depends on the number of hours, the cost of the trip and the accommodation. A 30% deposit is made and we reserve the date. I buy the tickets, send copies to the couple and together we all look forward to the big day.

The big question, is the photographer born or made?

There is a bit of everything. Each of us has different talents, and we can access them at any time during our lives. When and what talent we will use depends on each person. With photography it is the same. I was lucky that at some point in my life I felt the instinct to take photographs, as well as having the opportunity to follow it.

What should a good photograph transmit?

A photo should, above all, create emotion! The viewer should feel the situation in which the photo was taken, and relive this state of mind.

When should couples contact you?

The requests arrive throughout almost the whole year. In summer, the dates are requested for the following year, and in winter for the current year.
Do you want to know more about this wedding photographer? In his website you can see more about his work in multicultural weddings and his style at the time of capturing such special moments. In addition, you could inform yourself about the different options depending on the type of wedding and photographs you desire. We also leave you with his Instagram so you can follow his career. Thanks Valentin for your time!

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